• Reverse painting on glass is an ancient art form developed centuries ago in the far east.  It is  unlike the traditional art that we normally think of, such as oil paintings on canvass, and water colors, where the background is laid in place first and then the subject matter follows.  When reverse painting, the last thing that ‘entered’ the subject of the painting is painted in first.  In most cases, this would mean the subject of the painting.  The only exception to this would be a reflected image, such as sunlight playing off an eye, or maybe the reflected image that would be seen in the surface of water.



    As in any other art form, the subject matter must be something the painter is passionate about. Animals, domestic as well as wild are one of my most favored subjects of paintings.

    If I paint my subject facing right, you will view the final painting with the subject facing left from the opposite side of the glass that I painted on.

    My painting medium is oils, so any given painting will take several weeks, or in some cases months to finish.  Each area of the painting must dry before I can paint there again, so there are several coats of paint in the most involved areas of the paintings.


    Butterfly and Dragonfly Paintings

    Horse Paintings



    dogs 001

    Each painting is an individual piece of my art work.  Even I can’t reproduce it.  Once the painting is finished, I can not add to it, or take things out, short of scraping the dry paint off and starting over.

    I paint in several different sizes, depending on what it is that I want to express. A painting might be on an 8″ x 10″ glass pane, or it might be in a multi-paned window sash.  Glass painting on old windows is a favorite of mine even though the work required to get the sash in shape can be grueling.

    thirdinventory 009

    African Art


    Seasonal Paintings

    Summer Fun


    Seasonal Paintings


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