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  • Spiritual Paintings in Reverse Painting on Glass

    Spiritual Paintings

    Though I don’t claim membership in any particular denominational faith, I do have my own (very strong) beliefs.


    This is what the big part of my reverse painting on glass is about.  There are times when just a few short words combined together mean something so very profound.  When I find these verbal gems, it isn’t hard for me to be able to see the painting that my mind wants to match it up with.

    Spiritual Paintings

    Mountain Ram

    Because my regular job is working with individuals with disabilities, It is probably a little easier for me to find the beauty in some of these people more so than for other unrelated people.  That is what I thought about while working on the ram seen above.



    Many of these sayings just come from brilliant people who I wish that I knew.  What ever the source, I hope that it continues to flow toward me.  In any event, I don’t think the magnitude of the beauty of these words is even possible without the Divine Creator.

    Now for a different take on the painting shown above,


    The paintings you see here are for sale, and I do try to be very easy to negotiate with.  My website accepts pay pal as well as checks or money orders.


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