Watkins Glen Paintings in Reverse Painting

  • While at an Art and Craft show last fall, I met a gentleman with an interesting story.  As he approached one of my reverse paintings on glass of Watkins Glen for a better view of it, he told me that he had been there after a violent storm that was so bad the park had to close temporarily.

    Watkins Glen Paintings

    Rim Trail at Watkins Glen Gorge

    He and his wife waited for three hours before  they were allowed in.  The trek was a muddy and wet, and not so pleasant as one might expect.  That is until he saw the rushing waters.  He told me it was an awe inspiring sight.

    Watkins Glen Paintings


    He said if I had the opportunity in the future, I should plan a trip there specifically after a brutal storm, just so that I would see what he had seen.  It sounded like very caring , not to mention thoughtful advice that I hope to follow at some time in the next year,

    Watkins Glen Paintings

    Cavern Cascade

    Not that it matters, but when the show closed, and people were leaving, I noticed that he was pushing a wheel chair with a lovely lady in it, about his own age.  I believe what I saw there was an absolutely beautiful human being.

    Watkins Glen Paintings

    Rim Trail at Watkins Glen

    If my paintings caused him to recall such a perfect day for him, I think I should continue to work on them.


    Watkins Glen Paintings

    Waterfall Cascade

    In an effort to keep the story straight, I made a mistake in the reverse painting on glass you see above.  Please be forgiving that I signed the painting two times, and one of them was backwards.  I have no explanation for this.

    Watkins Glen Paintings

    Bridge Over Cavern Cascade

    One of the things I have learned about pricing my paintings is that one must first know how much time is invested in each of them.  Since I only have about one and a half hours to devote to painting, it isn’t as difficult to figure out as you may think.  It gave me an unexpected view of the value of my work.

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