Big Cat Paintings in Reverse on Glass

  • Big Cats

    Tiger Drinking

    Big Cat Paintings in Reverse on Glass are so fulfilling to paint, even when they don’t come out exactly as planned.  Even though I had hoped for a more precise look to the tiger seen above, what I ended up with was a more raw look in the finished painting.  It was one of my earlier works, but it was a bit too close when I got a look at the end result, and it made me take a couple of steps back away from it.  With the combination of the rolled glass and the rustic look of the window sash, it was already a little too close to being real.

    African Art


    Even though my work has evolved since the tiger, I still like it, and am happy with the result of my invested time.

    Big Cat Paimtimgs

    African Lioness

    I dealt in antiques for many years, so there were some unusual pieces laying about, with not much to do for years.  The painting featured above was done in a serving tray for tea.  The painting below of the “Cheetah Family” is in a vintage grain painted Victorian frame.  As you will note, some of my reverse painting on glass is signed ‘Nemyier”.  This is my maiden name.  I didn’t sign as ‘Tagliere’ until after Rich and I were married.

    Big Cat Paintings

    Cheetah Family

    The paints I use for my medium are oils.  I have tried water colors and acrylics, but the oils adhere much more permanently to the glass when dry.  I started out painting with oils, buy took classes in water colors and acrylics as well.  True to the time I spent, I stayed with the oils.


    Big Cat Paintings

    Leopard in Sash

    Because of being brought up in a furniture refinishing family, the window sash you see this and several other paintings in were refinished by myself, whether they be a fine finish or rustic.

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