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    Though they are stunning as shoes go, these are not at all comfortable.  What we ladies must sacrifice for style!  Even though I was a fifties baby, I can not fathom how ladies wore high heels everywhere.  At that time, flats were unheard of, and sneakers were not yet an option.  The fashion had so much grace.  Dress styles were gorgeous, but who could have invented heels?  I am a very diminutive 5′ 2″ , but even so, am not usually that desperate to be taller. There are advantages to being built close to the ground.  I even have a lovely hand bag to go with these shoes, but they get rarely used.  I admit that I bought them for the painting.

    It truly is the reverse painting on glass that gets me wired up to do a thing like this.  Other than earning a livelihood, I go to work in part to think about what I am going to do with my glass painting when I get home and how I am going to do it.   The And no, I don’t wear high heels to work. The thought of how I can contribute a bit of elegance, nature, love or spirituality to someone’s life with a reverse painting on glass they will enjoy looking at repeatedly, is one of the ideas I work on formulating.

    I recently read in the local paper that styles in fashion would be trending toward the even more risqué.  One can only wonder how it could be possible.  After all, I did survive the 60’s and 70’s.

    My series of glass paintings depicting fashion has just begun with high heels, still in the early stages.  I am open to suggestion from any one with some input about the subject of fashion.  The thoughts on hand at this time lean toward hand bags, dresses and wraps.

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