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  • Bucket Brigade, NYC

    Bucket Brigade, NYC is a reverse painting on glass that I painted some time ago.

    2001 September 11

    Bucket Brigade, NYC

    It was all brought back to me in recent light of the chemical warfare going on in Syria in today’s news.  I must admit there were terrible videos on facebook for a couple days before, but my feelings ran in a direction of telling myself it couldn’t be real, and what an awful thing to put out there.  The videos showed whole families being slaughtered.  Not only was it wrong on so many levels regarding chemical warfare, but so beyond inhumane.  How do human beings do this?  It is so far beyond me, there is no way to be able to relate!  It wasn’t even as though I was able to watch it closely in the state of denial I had going on, but a coworker brought it up.  I did not believe for a minute we would see it on the news, the way we only get the ‘edited’ version, let alone anything would be done about it.

    Other administrations would have chosen to approach the subject of chemical warfare in different ways.    I am glad this one didn’t choose to beat around the bush, talking and deciding and wringing hands about chemical warfare.

    No lives can be brought back.  But maybe there will not be more suffering, pain, and death from , chemical warfare  in Syria.

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  • Wizard of Oz

    Wizard of Oz Paintings

    Follow the Yellow Brick Road

    In the Wizard of Oz Paintings I have done in a series, I personally liked those reverse painting on glass that showed the yellow brick road.  There is no explanation for it, just really like the road.

    Even though I pretended to be Dorothy in my blue and white checkered dress as a little girl, the movie terrified me when it came on television every year.  I was the victim of older, sadistic sisters.  They drug me to the living room when it was time for the Wizard of Oz to run.

    As an adult I met a man who could play the lion, the scare crow, and the tin man.  I mean the whole song and dance routine!  The best part of that was, I never learned it until we were about to be married!  He was amazing!  Even with the scare crow’s dancing, that as a child, I always saw as just tripping over himself in a musical kind of Wizard of Oz fashion.

    Viewing the movie in a different light as an adult, I am now able to enjoy it even though I need to remind myself that most of the flying monkeys were actually filmed from children’s’ toys swinging on strings.

    To see more of my work in reverse painting on glass, please go to

    Wizard of Oz

    You may also browse through my other glass paintings by starting in the


    and clicking on the pictures of where you would like to go.

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  • Seek Respect


    Lessons from life

    Seek Respect, not attention, it lasts longer.

    This pet portrait in reverse painting on glass offers a message to every being, feline or human who is ready to mature. Even though it seems that in todays society being mature is no longer an aspired goal, I suppose there are still some adults remaining in the world.  Whether the message is accepted or acted upon is another matter.

    I can only hope that my vision of this is limited, and maybe I am not seeing the whole picture, but what I have been seeing in so many public places is the attitude of ‘rules are meant to be broken’, usually accepted by the eternal adolescents who never want to grow up.  Some of these who never wish to seek respect, and would rather remain the ‘eternal adolescents’ that I think of them as. Some of them are 40 and 50 plus years old!.

    What is it that adult people who somehow end up in a car accident think they have to gain by screaming and flailing their arms at the responding police?  The police responded to serve and protect.  To clean up and sort out the mess that has been made.  And yet I have witnessed this on public highways.  I probably take things too seriously when I hope for people to gain insight  and seek respect, but that does not mean that I will give up.

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