• 2001 September 11-


    Searching could not have been a pleasant job either for the dog or the man in this reverse painting on glass, yet there they were, helping in this time of need.  I am amazed at the abilities of these service dogs and the people who work with them.  Not that there haven’t been incredibly intelligent dogs in my own life, but who could have guessed that dogs would be able to find survivors in debris lie this?  Or how about the countless belongings they turned up?

    “Searching”  is the last of the 2001 September 11 reverse painting on glass that I expect to be writing about, not that it was the last in the series.  I think the writing about it was almost as exhausting as the painting of it.  As probably every other American, I survived as a stronger person.  Not because I was directly involved in the action of it, but because of the heartbreak of the losses we suffered as a country, and not knowing where loved ones were during this desperate time.  Let this be a lesson that we must all be more aware of what is going on around us, so these awful events do not occur again, here or in any other place.

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    2001 September 11

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