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  • Diamond Dust at Pixley Falls

    Pixley Falls

    Diamond Dust at Pixley Falls


    Of my series in New York State Park Paintings, Diamond Dust at Pixley Falls was the last one finished.  When my husband and I visited Pixley Falls in the Dead of Winter this last year, it was still frozen, but that was the last day of the freezing.  It was allright with me because I could still see the Diamond Dust at Pixley Falls.  Pixley is a small waterfall in the center of New York State.  It only has a drop of about 50′, but it’s such a pretty place to see.

    Now for the diamond dust.

    When our youngest daughter was in grade school, she had a friend who was also our neighbor.  They played together daily.  One day in the winter, she asked me if I could see the diamond dust in the snow.  With the sun shining brightly that afternoon, I looked out at it, and sure enough, there were sporadic flakes of snow sparkling with reflections of all colors.  I replied to her that yes, I could see the diamond dust, but I didn’t know there was a name for it.  Our daughter said that she and her friend had named it, and to this day, I’ve never thought of it as anything other than diamond dust.


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