Rain Drop on Twig


    Spring Rain

    Rain Drop on Twig

    While in the process of painting this addition to my Spring Rain series of reverse paintings, what I kept seeing was a section of the globe depicting most of Africa and North America.  In actuality, it is only the reflections of wet leaves.  There are times in the world of art when we try to read more into a painting than is there.  I obviously misinterpreted, and in lieu of the fact it was my own painting, I find it ironic.  Maybe the painting is only saying to enjoy the whole, the form, the color, and lastly, the content.

    Even though the content is limited, I find the colors to be uplifting.  I am drawn to a few of the warmer colors, such as the reds and yellows because I have limited myself to the cooler colors traditionally.  Maybe I am ready to break loose in a flurry of color, and it feels wonderful!

    Executed on a 14″ x 11″ of plexi-glass, “Rain drop on Twig” is done in oil colors, as are all of my reverse painting o glass.  Among my Spring Rain series, this piece is a good example.  To see more of my work in this area, please go to

    Spring Paintings

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