Pixley Falls

  • Dodge Pratt Northam Art Show

    The Dodge Pratt Northam Art Show in Boonville, New York is now having their annual autumn art show. Not only was I honored to have had my work accepted, but my reverse painting on glass (plexi-glass ), Pixley Falls in the Winter won the first place ribbon, and Pixley Falls took third place!

    New York State Park Paintings

    Pixley Falls Trough Trees

    Truly, I am receiving help from above!

    To se more of my work in reverse painting on glass, please click on




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  • Diamond Dust at Pixley Falls

    Pixley Falls

    Diamond Dust at Pixley Falls


    Of my series in New York State Park Paintings, Diamond Dust at Pixley Falls was the last one finished.  When my husband and I visited Pixley Falls in the Dead of Winter this last year, it was still frozen, but that was the last day of the freezing.  It was allright with me because I could still see the Diamond Dust at Pixley Falls.  Pixley is a small waterfall in the center of New York State.  It only has a drop of about 50′, but it’s such a pretty place to see.

    Now for the diamond dust.

    When our youngest daughter was in grade school, she had a friend who was also our neighbor.  They played together daily.  One day in the winter, she asked me if I could see the diamond dust in the snow.  With the sun shining brightly that afternoon, I looked out at it, and sure enough, there were sporadic flakes of snow sparkling with reflections of all colors.  I replied to her that yes, I could see the diamond dust, but I didn’t know there was a name for it.  Our daughter said that she and her friend had named it, and to this day, I’ve never thought of it as anything other than diamond dust.


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  • Pixley Falls in the Dead of Winter


    NYS park Paintings

    Dead of Winter

    Last fall, while thinking about skiing, my goal was to get to Pixley Falls in the Dead of Winter.  With winter arriving late, and not staying as long as it used to, there was not an excess of time in which to accomplish it.  There was  a day late in February that was still just on the edge of being cold at about 30 degrees so we ran with it.  Up to Pixley falls we went!  When my husband and I got there, I realized there had been no thought given as to how we would get to the bottom of the falls while wading through about 24″ of snow.  We took our skis off, leaving them up in the park area, and my trip down was navigated on my back side and more quickly than I would have chosen.  I shot the pictures needed for my reverse painting on glass while having my breath taken away by the beauty of Pixley Falls in the Dead of Winter.  What I saw was about one third of the area where the water falls down, in the center moving.  The remaining two thirds of the falling water had been frozen solid while it was still pouring.

    The trip back up the side of the falls was also breath taking, but in a much different way.  I was able to loosen up my jacket only when getting back into the park area.  There were doubts in my mind about whether I would arrive there.  I was imagining the headlines in the local news reading

    Two Senior Citizens Found Frozen in New York State Park

    paintings.  Such is life, and here I still am to tell about it!  To see more of my work like Pixley Falls in the Dead of Winter, please go to

    NY State Park Paintings

    or to

    Pixley Falls Paintings

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  • Pixley Falls

    Pixley Falls

    Pixley Falls

    Pixley Falls has been an annual destination point for Rich (my husband) and me for quite a while.  If we don’t get up there for a visit, we missed summer.  I am sure the number of summers is numbered, so I will not take the chance of missing one of them.

    These reverse paintings on glass measure 16″ x 20″ out of the frames, and are done on plexi-glass.  They are done in oil paints, as is all of my work.  When I got a look at the final results, it gave me inspiration to go up to the studio and paint, not that I lack for incentive.

    New York State Parks

    Pixley Falls Trough Trees

    A small park, halfway between North Western and Booneville, New York, Pixley Falls covers an area of 375 acres.  Visitors have the opportunity to picnic right near the 50 foot waterfall.  There is camping nearby at Lake Delta campgrounds, so Pixley Falls does get in the public eye more than one might think.  It’s a rare day when we go up there without other people being there as well.

    There is a trail for cross country skiing that spans part of the park where my husband and I have skied.  We went there on my insistence last month so I could get a look at the falls in the middle of winter.  While we were there, I shot some photos to work with on two paintings in progress.  I don’t know how he deals with my enthusiasm in these matters!  It went very well that we went when we did, because the weather warmed up beginning the following day.  The water fall was still beautiful I am sure,  but if we hadn’t gone that day, the opportunity to view it in the dead of winter would have been lost.

    If you enjoy my reverse painting on glass of natures beauty, please visit my series of paintings of Watkins Glen too.

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