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  • In the Clover

    In the Clover

    In the Clover

    This country boy in the clover is an example of my reverse painting on glass, However, I painted it on plexi- glass.

    One day when our grandson, Wyatt came over to visit, my husband, Rich and I decided to take him to the park in town.  I had wanted to show Rich a trail there that intersected a trial I used to ride horse back on as a teen ager.  And what a beautiful day it was to take Wyatt.  Along the way, I picked up a tiny toad to show it to Wyatt.  I put it back, and we went a ways before Wyatt pointed out another tiny toad.

    He then claimed a pine cone from the trail as his own.  Rich called it the souvenir we had bought him.  We rode on the slides, swung on the swings, climbed on the climbing things, and had a wonderful day in all.  It made for some great photographs to paint with later on, so I still got to see and enjoy our grandson, while painting, even while waiting to play with him again the following weekend.

    To see more of my work in reverse painting on glass, Country Boy or Little Hayseed.  My work is for sale, and there are only the originals, no copies or reproductions yet.

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  • Artist of the Month

    I am sending out a huge thank you to the Rome Art Association.  While attending my first meeting there, I found the people of the RAA to be a group of inspiration and wholly warm and friendly.  My reverse painting on glass, “Autumn Pheasant” was not only accepted in their competition for Artist of the Month, but won first place!  What an Honor!

    Autumn Pheasant

    Artist of the Month

    Thank you again to the RAA.

    To see more of my reverse painting on glass, feel free to browse through my web site at your leisure.

    The painting above can be viewed at the Jervis Public Library for the next month.

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  • Little Hayseed

    Little Hayseed

    Little Hayseed

    ‘Little Hayseed’ is a reverse painting on glass of my grand-son, Wyatt..  Maybe he isn’t really a little hayseed, but he does look like one in this reverse painting on glass, and he is a bit of a country boy, which is alright with his grandma!

    It was a little hard not to laugh yesterday when I went over on a surprise visit.  When Wyatt saw me, he started yelling :Nana, Nana!, only to run right past my out-stretched arms to my car.  He was looking for his Papa.  But on the other hand, he was very happy to see our Border Collie, Toby, and get a kiss from him!  He has let me know repeatedly though, that I am very useful to him in the kitchen when I make “Mmmmm” for meals, and especially likes deserts!  I am also the one who gets to fix problems when there are stinkers in the diaper.  Lucky Nana.  I have tried to remedy this affliction, bus to no avail so far.

    Please feel free to visit my Country Boy page to see more of this little hayseed.  Or, you can go to the Gallery to window shop through many varieties of my reverse painting on glass.

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  • Country Boy

    This Country Boy is all boy. This reverse painting on plexi-glass depicts my grand-son Wyatt.   He prefers his Papa over Nana, and at home he is always helping his Dada work in the garage or around the lawn.  He has friends who are female, and even kisses them now and then!  He will be a heart breaker!


    He is shown by his father, a country boy grown up,  how to do things for himself and help others when he can, and for this, I am grateful.  He dearly loves to help out in the garden with his mother, carrying the produce as far as needed to get it where it’s needed.  He even brings fresh vegetables to his Nana when he comes to visit!  I do love that Wyatt is growing up in a rural environment, and that for now he is a Country Boy.

    At first, I was afraid to try to paint people, but seem to have overcome that fear by painting children.  To see more of my work in reverse painting on glass of people in paintings, such as ‘Country Boy’, please go to

    People in Paintings

    or to the


    I would love to read your response to my paintings in the reply section at the bottom of the page!


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  • Artistree Exhibition

    Not only was I very surprised at the Artistree Exhibition depicting “Emotion”, but happy to see that my painting, ‘Cary the Flag’ had won Best of Show.  This was a great day for me!

    September 11, 2001

    Cary The Flag

    To see more of my work in the 911 series please go to

    2001 September 11

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  • Fire Cracker

    Fire Cracker

    Fire Cracker

    Fire Cracker is without a doubt an American horse, even though she may be one of a different color.  I actually finished this reverse painting on glass in time for the fourth of July, but with the unusually rainy seasonal paintings we had in central New York, there weren’t many good days to photograph her.  In fact, it’s raining again today.  Alas, she did not make it to the fireworks show.  Though I have done several

     horse paintings,

    there was no series of paintings in progress when I painted fire cracker, it was just a whim that struck me while I was having a metaphorical case of writers block.  Yes, people who paint can get that too.   Fire Cracker unblocked it for me.

    Even though is has been many years since I’ve had horses of my own, the beauty of these animals is impossible to miss, and don’t we all like to feast our eyes?  So if I paint one now and then, it’s just me remembering what magnificent creatures horses are, and yes, there are a few who could be classified under the ‘fire cracker’ category.  Please feel free to browse through my web site to see more of my work in reverse Painting on glass.

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  • Rain on Pine Bough

    Spring Rain

    Rain on Pine Bough

    Rain on Pine Bough is the last reverse painting on glass in the Spring Rain series.  The colors of the reflections seen on the surface tension of the raindrops are from natural fauna in the area.  With the wetness all around, the raindrop reflections are also everywhere.  Yesterday I was in the woods with friends, when I noticed that there are times when one can’t focus on everything at one time, and certain areas of the vision just become color until the focus of what is being viewed is altered.  I found this to be odd because the light pinks and purples I had seen became the prettiest flowers!  I don’t know what kind of flowers, but the were beautiful.  We had originally met there for a group picnic, but the response of attendance was exceptional, and there was more good food than could be eaten.  The good company took time to enjoy as well.  As a group, we toured the park at Pixley Falls.  Executed on plexi-glass, this painting measures 11″ x 14″ inside the frame.

    To see more of my work in reverse painting on glass, such as Rain on Pine Bough, please visit

     Spring Rain.

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  • Pixley Falls in the Dead of Winter


    NYS park Paintings

    Dead of Winter

    Last fall, while thinking about skiing, my goal was to get to Pixley Falls in the Dead of Winter.  With winter arriving late, and not staying as long as it used to, there was not an excess of time in which to accomplish it.  There was  a day late in February that was still just on the edge of being cold at about 30 degrees so we ran with it.  Up to Pixley falls we went!  When my husband and I got there, I realized there had been no thought given as to how we would get to the bottom of the falls while wading through about 24″ of snow.  We took our skis off, leaving them up in the park area, and my trip down was navigated on my back side and more quickly than I would have chosen.  I shot the pictures needed for my reverse painting on glass while having my breath taken away by the beauty of Pixley Falls in the Dead of Winter.  What I saw was about one third of the area where the water falls down, in the center moving.  The remaining two thirds of the falling water had been frozen solid while it was still pouring.

    The trip back up the side of the falls was also breath taking, but in a much different way.  I was able to loosen up my jacket only when getting back into the park area.  There were doubts in my mind about whether I would arrive there.  I was imagining the headlines in the local news reading

    Two Senior Citizens Found Frozen in New York State Park

    paintings.  Such is life, and here I still am to tell about it!  To see more of my work like Pixley Falls in the Dead of Winter, please go to

    NY State Park Paintings

    or to

    Pixley Falls Paintings

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  • Surface Tension

    Spring Rain

    Surface Tension

    As defined by Merriam / Webster, Surface Tension is

    “the attractive force exerted upon the surface molecules of a liquid by the molecules beneath that tends to draw the surface molecules into the bulk of the liquid and makes the liquid assume the shape having the least surface area”.

    Water drops form in this way, and because rain is water, the drops of rain are no different.

    Upon searching for definitions of surface tension on the internet, I even found some specifically worded for children.  I find this very convenient for not only explaining what surface tension is, but also for understanding it.

    The difference of water is that it contains the ability to reflect an image, such as the reflections of a water scape on the surface of a lake.  Even though we can’t see the image clearly, it is none the less a reflection our surroundings as we view it.  It was these magnificent reflections that first caught my eye, and made me want to paint my series in Spring Rain.

    To see more of my work in reverse painting on glass, please feel free to poke around my web site, and let me know what you think!

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  • Raindrop Reflection


    Raindrops in Art

    Raindrop Reflection

    Raindrop Reflection is a rather good example of surface tension, which was taught in my 5th grade class.  It is also an example of my reverse painting on glass, in this case plexi-glass to be accurate.  Even though the content is only rain water, this drop is not entirely fluid.  The molecules are cohesive enough to form a small bubble of water not yet ready to drop from the moss on the tree.  Because water can also be reflective, we have the image of what is behind us.

     reflected on a convex surface, turning the image up side down.  The most unusual part about the reverse painting on glass though, is that I painted an entirely different scene than the one in the photo I was working from.  When the painting ‘Raindrop Reflection’ was finished, it was of a pretty church with an angel floating beside it.  The photograph was just a street in a small town.  I won’t even try to make a story up about how that happened.  I was painting only what I saw.  It’s just that it seems to be more than enough.

    To see more of my work in the Spring Rain series, or go to

    Seasonal Paintings

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