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  • Remembering NYCFD

    2001 September 11

    Remembering NYCFD

    Painted in a window sash, as this scene may have been seen by someone, is a reverse painting on glass titled  ‘Remembering NYCFD’.  It is one of my series on 2001 September 11.  I suppose you could say that this series of paintings commemorates a catastrophe, but I think of it now as the moment in time when Americans pulled together their resourses,  We now have a lasting reminder of what can happen when we let our guard down.  Children born since the year 2000 will have no memory of it of course, so it is up to us to never forget the occurrences of that dreadful day in history.  The widows and widowers left behind will remember 2001 September 11 and Remembering NYCFD for the rest of their lives.  So will the first responders who gave their all to find survivors and clean up the mess.  I, personally was here in central New York State at the time,  It was my day off from work.  I lived alone, and there never seemed to be a time when there wasn’t a lot to get done.  Every station on television was playing roughly the same broadcast of first the world trade center being hit, and then the Pentagon, and the news of the plane that went down in rural Pennsylvania.  All I could think was that it was the bombing of Pearl Harbor over again.  So much to do here, but so very unimportant in retrospect.  May this awful lesson in history never be forgotten.  To see more of my work like Remembering NYCFD, go to

    2001 September 11

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  • EMT Crew in Washington

    2001 September 11

    EMT Crew in Washington

    As are some of my other 2001 September 11 paintings, this one was painted in a refinished window sash as it may have been viewed from inside a house or business place at the time of this tragic incident.  Through the haze of the smoke and still floating debris, the EMT Crew in Washington reverse painting on glass of 2001 September 11 can be seen pulling together to save what they are able to, and set right what they can in this overly stressful situation.

    I don’t have a lot of words to say about 911, but I do still have tears.  No doubt that the men and women who are painted in this window will be haunted for the rest of their lives by it.

    I did not even have the faintest plan of painting this awful time in American history until asked to by my son, who was at the Pentagon with the first responders and EMT crew in Washington at the time.  I was reluctant even then to paint the rape in progress.  But after I got started, I couldn’t stop until all of the pent up feelings had been brought to light in my reverse painting on glass.  After working each day, I come home to paint at night, and there wasn’t a one that I didn’t cry while painting in the 2001 September 11 series,  so, it’s safe to say that it isn’t about the money when you’re practicing  an art form, it is truly so much more about coming to terms and the passion involved in doing so.  It’s about conveying through abilities the things there are no words for, or any other way to make another person understand.

    To see more of my work in reverse painting on glass, such as EMT Crew in Washington go to

    2001 September 11

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  • Night Fire

    2001 September 11

    Night Fire

    “Night Fire” is a reverse painting on glass among my 2001 September 11 series.  At the time of working on these glass paintings, I thought “Night Fire” was important to portray this terrible day in the history of the United States.  Now it feels as though I painted a rape in progress.  Warfare has been going on as long as mankind has been around, but to what end?  What will ever be gained is so far beyond me it’s crazy, and yet I still feel justified in agreeing with the recent decisions of President Trump in the bombing of Afghanistan.  Chemical warfare in Syria was treated with cruise missiles, however there is speculation as to how many tons of it Syria still has in reserve!  There may have been another way to handle it, but I can’t think how.

    I do not believe any one in the world can get along with every other person, but can they not just agree to disagree?  Do people feel a need to regress into barbarians, or was there a time when goodness and mercy were more predominant before “Night Fire”.  That was more of a utopian thought than I am familiar with, normally.  Please don’t think I am unaware; my head is not in the clouds.  But is there not a possibility of making this a better world for our children and grand children to live in?  And yes, this world does have to be shaped into something better, it will not just ‘happen’, but first we must grow.

    It’s hard to focus on my reverse painting on glass with all of this taking place, but to see more of my glass painting and work like “Night Light”, please go to

    2001 September 11

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  • Dolphin Breaking Water

    Ocean Life

    Dolphin Breaking Water

    is a reverse painting on glass that I  worked on from a photograph.  The only thing I can tell you about ocean life is that I find it to be beautiful to look at. Swimming in the ocean is  different than it is in  fresh water as it makes one feel more buoyant, but the muscle control of this animal is truly a sight to behold.  There are those who love the beach, and actually build their lives around it.  Then there are those who can enjoy just an occasional view.  I would be among the second group.  To be able to see a school of whales, dolphins or any other of the countless ocean life would be a vista to enjoy!  Just walking along a beach picking up shells that have been shed by the sea creatures can be fun!  What mysterious creature lived in there?

    There is so much beauty to see here on land, that some of my time must be spent taking that in, too.

     I do wonder, however if these wondrous animals wait below the surface of the water to see an occasional ‘ human sighting ‘  It can’t possibly be as good as our view of them!

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  • Mountain Goat

    Spiritual Paintings

    Mountain Goat

    Our imperfection is what makes us perfect in our own way, and it is what makes us different and special from others.”  Terek Solomon.  This mountain goat is in what seems to be in a very cold place, that he was designed to thrive in.  Living this day in central New York, I am able to feel the cold he must endure, but the rough mountain side is a thing I have experienced but a few times.  We just had a snow storm empty three feet and more of snow on us in a 24 hour period yesterday.  It made life difficult for many people, but consider the wildlife, and what it endures.

    Just walking through a parking lot will leave one damp from snow and cold for hours.  It dries out a little quicker in this oh so dry time of year, but still so miserable.  If your car is hopelessly stuck under 24″ or so, it gets worse.  It was without a doubt, a different kind of a day.  The area is still under a storm warning for the coming 8 hours.

    As for the being different and special, I painted the mountain goat with the thought of the people I work for in mind.  You see, I work in a 12 bed home for the disabled.  Each and every one of them is special, but different from what life normally throws at us.  They have had experiences we never will, and would never wish for.

    To see more of my glass painting, or more lesson from life, please go to

    Lessons From Life

    a page devoted to my spiritual paintings, and enjoy, and more than just a mountain goat glass painting.  Comments, input, and suggestions are welcome at the bottom of the page.

     This 16″ x 20″ reverse painting on plexi-glass is priced a $225.

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  • Urn of Petunias

    Garden Variety Floral Art

    Urn of Petunias

    This Urn of Petunias is of the gorgeous old cast iron variety.  After my husband  bought it, he had it sand blasted and painted in a body shop.  That was expensive, even more so than purchasing the urn in first place.  This painting holds a bit of sadness for me.  You see, the photograph I was working from for my reverse painting on glass was one that I had shot after coming home from my brother-in-law’s funeral.  It was a rainy day, and life had been better.  But these things pass, and life does get better again.

    My mother always had an old cast iron urn to plant her geraniums in every year.  I plant geraniums now, too, but that was the year I had an urn of petunias.  After several moves in life, my mother’s urn in the garden was a reproduction.  Quite the downgrade for antique dealers after 60 plus years in the business.  I never noticed the urn had been replaced with a new one until the day it had been stolen from her yard.  This was right before a huge antique show.

    I was visibly upset about her urn being stolen, but in her infinite wisdom of over 90 years, she just smiled and said that she hoped they had to move that heavy reproduction a lot of times before it sold .

    To see more of my glass painting, please go to

    Garden Variety Floral Art

    where you may find your own urn of petunias.

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  • Owl Paintings

    Owl Paintings

    Great Grey Owl on Fence

    Owl paintings are a subject I haven’t done a series of as much as I just keep returning to.  I might do a series of paintings or maybe three, and then it’s time to do another owl glass painting.  Finding myself intrigued by owls, I am not obsessed with them.  They are so much easier to hear than to see, and in the area where I live, they can be heard on any given day, but seldom  seen.

    Owl Paintings

    Though I have written about avian art, the raptors are special for me.  Think of the exacting skill, the awareness of body and muscle it requires just to stay alive, let alone to provide for a nest full of owlets.  Though the abilities are innate, survival would still be a chore.  I believe they are not merely survivors, but warriors.

    There are people who specialize in collecting owls of all kinds, for example, ceramic, bisque, wooden and stuffed owls.  Some that actually look real, and some, well, not so much.

    My glass painting encompasses a wide variety of subjects including but not limited to horses, flowers, seasonal paintings, pet portraits as well as the owl paintings, so please consider taking a look at things that might interest you too.

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  • Purple Flower Blooms

    Garden Variety Floral Art

    Purple Flower Blooms

    This garden variety floral art piece is painted in an old window sash, measuring 23″ x 28″,  with a varnish finish over the original worn paint.  It was done in such a manner to remind us that beauty can still be found in unlikely places.  These blooming buds may at times be found in the flower bed belonging to a withered old lady, or equally as likely in a lovely park.

    Being very fond of flora and fauna, I have my own flower beds to tend to when the season for it arrives. When I was younger, I was a little carried away with them, and did end up removing some further away from the house.  but life has a way of moving on, and I began working full time. They were just too difficult to get to on a regular basis.  My daughters have made donations to the cause over time, and I always look forward to new additions.  Those that my daughters bring seem to fare better than any I have bought in the past. The purple flower blooms are great, but the ones I am looking forward to this year are the bleeding hearts in a bright red.  Unless there was winter kill, I look forward to three plants.

    One day while baby sitting for a friend, the six year old girl began picking small weeds out of my gardens.  I watched for a few minutes without commenting.  I then asked, “How did you know which ones to pick out?”  She replied “My grandfather taught me which ones are the weeds.”  What a charming young lady, and a wonderful grandpa!

    All of my reverse painting on glass is for sale.

    To see more of my glass painting of  purple blooms and  floral paintings, please visit

    Garden Variety Floral Art

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  • Pixley Falls

    Pixley Falls

    Pixley Falls

    Pixley Falls has been an annual destination point for Rich (my husband) and me for quite a while.  If we don’t get up there for a visit, we missed summer.  I am sure the number of summers is numbered, so I will not take the chance of missing one of them.

    These reverse paintings on glass measure 16″ x 20″ out of the frames, and are done on plexi-glass.  They are done in oil paints, as is all of my work.  When I got a look at the final results, it gave me inspiration to go up to the studio and paint, not that I lack for incentive.

    New York State Parks

    Pixley Falls Trough Trees

    A small park, halfway between North Western and Booneville, New York, Pixley Falls covers an area of 375 acres.  Visitors have the opportunity to picnic right near the 50 foot waterfall.  There is camping nearby at Lake Delta campgrounds, so Pixley Falls does get in the public eye more than one might think.  It’s a rare day when we go up there without other people being there as well.

    There is a trail for cross country skiing that spans part of the park where my husband and I have skied.  We went there on my insistence last month so I could get a look at the falls in the middle of winter.  While we were there, I shot some photos to work with on two paintings in progress.  I don’t know how he deals with my enthusiasm in these matters!  It went very well that we went when we did, because the weather warmed up beginning the following day.  The water fall was still beautiful I am sure,  but if we hadn’t gone that day, the opportunity to view it in the dead of winter would have been lost.

    If you enjoy my reverse painting on glass of natures beauty, please visit my series of paintings of Watkins Glen too.

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  • High Heels


    . High Heels

    Though they are stunning as shoes go, these are not at all comfortable.  What we ladies must sacrifice for style!  Even though I was a fifties baby, I can not fathom how ladies wore high heels everywhere.  At that time, flats were unheard of, and sneakers were not yet an option.  The fashion had so much grace.  Dress styles were gorgeous, but who could have invented heels?  I am a very diminutive 5′ 2″ , but even so, am not usually that desperate to be taller. There are advantages to being built close to the ground.  I even have a lovely hand bag to go with these shoes, but they get rarely used.  I admit that I bought them for the painting.

    It truly is the reverse painting on glass that gets me wired up to do a thing like this.  Other than earning a livelihood, I go to work in part to think about what I am going to do with my glass painting when I get home and how I am going to do it.   The And no, I don’t wear high heels to work. The thought of how I can contribute a bit of elegance, nature, love or spirituality to someone’s life with a reverse painting on glass they will enjoy looking at repeatedly, is one of the ideas I work on formulating.

    I recently read in the local paper that styles in fashion would be trending toward the even more risqué.  One can only wonder how it could be possible.  After all, I did survive the 60’s and 70’s.

    My series of glass paintings depicting fashion has just begun with high heels, still in the early stages.  I am open to suggestion from any one with some input about the subject of fashion.  The thoughts on hand at this time lean toward hand bags, dresses and wraps.

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