Reverse painting on glass

  • Country Road

    Photography Prints

    This is a reverse painting on glass of two children walking on a country road hand in hand.  It can be bought printed on canvass, or on a tote bag, and many more items by going to Fine Art America.  Just click the picture!

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  • Ford 100 Wall Art

    Wall Art

    and prints of my paintings can be found at

    Art Prints
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  • Quail in the Woods

    North American Wildlife

    Quail in the Woods


    “Quail in the Woods” is a 14″ x 11″ reverse painting on plexi-glass.  Among many within the realm of north American wildlife, the quail are a favorite of fowl for hunters in this area.  I would suppose that it would be a very specialized type of hunting, but this may be my way of thinking because I have only ever gone out for white tail deer.

    However, I do understand the thrill of the hunt, no matter the prey.  My own hunting now is for these beautiful North American wildlife to paint, much like a quail in the woods.  To see more of my work in reverse painting on glass, go to

    North American Wildlife Paintings

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  • Walk in the Park



    Walk in the Park

    Walk in the Park

    A reverse painting on plexi-glass, “Walk in the Park” is an image created in oils, as are all of my paintings.  My husband and I had taken our grandson to the park to play.  While we were there, I also wanted to show them the trail where I used to go horseback riding as a teen-ager.  There is a trail that goes through the park in our town that intersects the old riding trail.  Being not yet two years old when we went, Wyatt, our grandson is still in total wonderment of all things, even small toads and pine cones, so all three of us had a stellar time while we took a walk in the park.

    To see more of my work in reverse painting on glass like “Walk in the Park”,  and the last years work, on plexi-glass, please shop through my web site, or go to

    Country Boy

    These paintings are for sale.

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  • Talkin’ Baseball

    Talkin’ Baseball is a reverse painting on glass that depicts an 18 month old country boy and his Papa discussing strategies and statistics concerning the major leagues

    Talkin' Baseball

    Talkin’ Baseball



    The first time we took Wyatt to the town park  where we live, it was truly an experience for all three of us.  He seems to be drawn in more by men than women, so I have to work hard to gain his favor.  However, I do love to see him and his Papa at play and talkin’ baseball.


    The second time our country boy took  us to the park!  When it came to the baseball field, Papa found an old used up, skinless baseball, and there was no stopping us!  We threw the ball, we ran after it, we watched it roll to us, and the best part?  We ran the bases!  I must admit, Nana was a bit exhausted, and Papa slept like a log that night.  But as reported by my daughter, Wyatt woke up the following morning saying “Papa, Nana, base-ball?”

    I can’t even begin to say how good that made both of us feel.  My husband was unsure about taking him there a second time.  He thought it might be boring for Wyatt.  But at this point, I think it might become one of Wyatt’s favorite places!

    To see more of my work in reverse painting on glass like Talkin’ Baseball, Please visit Country Boy or the Gallery




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  • In the Clover

    In the Clover

    In the Clover

    This country boy in the clover is an example of my reverse painting on glass, However, I painted it on plexi- glass.

    One day when our grandson, Wyatt came over to visit, my husband, Rich and I decided to take him to the park in town.  I had wanted to show Rich a trail there that intersected a trial I used to ride horse back on as a teen ager.  And what a beautiful day it was to take Wyatt.  Along the way, I picked up a tiny toad to show it to Wyatt.  I put it back, and we went a ways before Wyatt pointed out another tiny toad.

    He then claimed a pine cone from the trail as his own.  Rich called it the souvenir we had bought him.  We rode on the slides, swung on the swings, climbed on the climbing things, and had a wonderful day in all.  It made for some great photographs to paint with later on, so I still got to see and enjoy our grandson, while painting, even while waiting to play with him again the following weekend.

    To see more of my work in reverse painting on glass, Country Boy or Little Hayseed.  My work is for sale, and there are only the originals, no copies or reproductions yet.

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  • Dodge Pratt Northam Art Show

    The Dodge Pratt Northam Art Show in Boonville, New York is now having their annual autumn art show. Not only was I honored to have had my work accepted, but my reverse painting on glass (plexi-glass ), Pixley Falls in the Winter won the first place ribbon, and Pixley Falls took third place!

    New York State Park Paintings

    Pixley Falls Trough Trees

    Truly, I am receiving help from above!

    To se more of my work in reverse painting on glass, please click on




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  • Tractor Man

    Some country boys were born to be a Tractor man

    Country Boy

    Tractor Man

    They are always around the machinery, working with it, using it or doing repairs.  Whether it be planting or harvesting, a tractor man can be  seen with a big machine.  The model for this painting is none other than my grandson, Wyatt.  He is a little hay seed, and loves to find out how things work!  He even looks under his bouncy house looking for the reason it blows up.  When the child’s car he has wont work, he gets off and immediately opens the hood to get to the battery.  If something doesn’t make sense, he looks for the reason behind it.

    To see more of my work in reverse painting on glass, please go to

    The Gallery


    Country Boy

    and feel free to do some window shopping through my web site.


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  • Little Hayseed

    Little Hayseed

    Little Hayseed

    ‘Little Hayseed’ is a reverse painting on glass of my grand-son, Wyatt..  Maybe he isn’t really a little hayseed, but he does look like one in this reverse painting on glass, and he is a bit of a country boy, which is alright with his grandma!

    It was a little hard not to laugh yesterday when I went over on a surprise visit.  When Wyatt saw me, he started yelling :Nana, Nana!, only to run right past my out-stretched arms to my car.  He was looking for his Papa.  But on the other hand, he was very happy to see our Border Collie, Toby, and get a kiss from him!  He has let me know repeatedly though, that I am very useful to him in the kitchen when I make “Mmmmm” for meals, and especially likes deserts!  I am also the one who gets to fix problems when there are stinkers in the diaper.  Lucky Nana.  I have tried to remedy this affliction, bus to no avail so far.

    Please feel free to visit my Country Boy page to see more of this little hayseed.  Or, you can go to the Gallery to window shop through many varieties of my reverse painting on glass.

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  • Country Boy

    This Country Boy is all boy. This reverse painting on plexi-glass depicts my grand-son Wyatt.   He prefers his Papa over Nana, and at home he is always helping his Dada work in the garage or around the lawn.  He has friends who are female, and even kisses them now and then!  He will be a heart breaker!


    He is shown by his father, a country boy grown up,  how to do things for himself and help others when he can, and for this, I am grateful.  He dearly loves to help out in the garden with his mother, carrying the produce as far as needed to get it where it’s needed.  He even brings fresh vegetables to his Nana when he comes to visit!  I do love that Wyatt is growing up in a rural environment, and that for now he is a Country Boy.

    At first, I was afraid to try to paint people, but seem to have overcome that fear by painting children.  To see more of my work in reverse painting on glass of people in paintings, such as ‘Country Boy’, please go to

    People in Paintings

    or to the


    I would love to read your response to my paintings in the reply section at the bottom of the page!


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