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  • Black and White Cat

    Pet Portraits

    Black and White Cat

    This Black and White Cat is not the ‘Miss Kitty’ who used to live with us, but another of my pet portraits  Our ‘Miss Kitty’ was a Manx  She had had a number of homes before she came to us, and was a few years old, to spend the rest of her life with my husband, myself, our tortious shell calico, and a mature kitty loving Australian Shepard.  It was Geronimo, the Ausie, who gave her the biggest fright upon arrival, but the two of them soon became inseparable friends. Their one trait they had in common was that neither of them had a tail.

    So, our Black and White Cat became one of our babies, too.  But she was a one man cat, and the man was my husband.  Until the day she had to go to the vet.  That was the day she finally accepted me too.  It only took 3 or 4 years to achieve this.

    Our Black and White Cat, Miss Kitty was one of a kind.  I did read that the Manx had this ‘one man trait’ much like a dog, and I also read they love water, but I wasn’t prepared for a cat who enjoyed a bath.  It was your basic lesson of live and learn!

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  • Night Light

    Night Light

    “Night Light”, a reverse painting on glass was painted as it might have been seen through a window, hence the reason for the window sash.  Maybe the window was in a warehouse, an apartment, or nearby vacant building, but this is the 2001 September 11  scene that would have been displayed through the window on that dreadful evening.

    In night light of the much more recent chemical warfare in Syria, and bombing in Afghanistan, I find the events all to be on the same level.  What on earth is this world coming to?  The disrespect for fellow human beings seems to be at an all time high point, in fact it seems even worse than that.  Even self respect is becoming non-existent, sadder yet. And what about dignity?  Where has that gone?  There have only been rare sightings of that lately.  But maybe the lack of self respect and dignity is where the lack of regard for others begins.  Really, if you can’t even seek respect for yourself, what reason could there be to seek respect  in others?  If one could not be dignified, how would they be able to recognize that quality in others.  Still though, it can be seen daily in any news paper printed, how people are continually doing things that would cause a mother or father to be shamed.  But they are no longer shamed because they can make believe that they didn’t raise the child to do those things.  I really wish I didn’t have to witness it on a first hand basis.  The fact remains that they did raise the child to do what ever he or she wanted to do.  They didn’t raise them not to do those things is where the problem enters into night light.  I do know there was a double negative in there.

    I should probably worry less about chemical warfare, bombing and injustices in the world, and more about my reverse painting on glass.  To see more of my work, like “Night Light” please go to

    2001 September 11

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  • Robert Lewis Stevenson

    Spiritual Paintings

    Robert Lewis Stevenson


    I could not agree more than I do with this Robert Lewis Stevenson quote.  Think of how overwhelming it would be to be greeted at the pearly gates by any loving pet you ever had!  The point of this Spiritual Painting pet portrait is that dogs have wonderful hearts.  I think if this were my dog though, his name would be ‘Paradox’, or something about that black and white combination.  It would take time to get past the unusual face for me.  This is one of the things I like best about my art of reverse painting on glass, being able to study the face and then trying to portray it.  It seems to be so much easier to convey this feeling in my work, rather than with words.

    The details of this painting that took the most time were the tiny black hairs on the white side of the face, and the white hairs on the black side.  I believe this type of coloration in Spiritual Painting is found in Great Danes, though am open to suggestion.

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  • Turkish Van

    Turkish Van

    Proverbs 12:10

    This Turkish Van reverse painting on glass reads Proverbs 12:30 “Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast…”

    A simply gorgeous species of cat, The Turkish Van originated near Lake Van in Turkey,  They, as a breed are usually white with a colored head and tail, some with a small spot of color on the back of the neck.  This spot on the neck was believed to be the ‘thumb print of God’.  Oddly enough, most Turkish Vans love water, and enjoy swimming.  With the chest and shoulders slightly wide than the head, they are built naturally for aquatic play.

    One thing they do share with other breeds of cats is that there is a limited tolerance for play, and they fare better in families with older children as opposed to young children.

    The Turkish Van is the oldest known domestic breed of cat, however, it never made it’s way to North America, and my pet portraits until the late 1980’s.  With so much emphasis on exotic animals for pets and the love of cats and other animals in the United States, it struck me as being odd, that it took until the 80’s for people to import them.

    The Turkish Van is now respected by cat fanciers  world-wide.

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  • Bucket Brigade, NYC

    Bucket Brigade, NYC is a reverse painting on glass that I painted some time ago.

    2001 September 11

    Bucket Brigade, NYC

    It was all brought back to me in recent light of the chemical warfare going on in Syria in today’s news.  I must admit there were terrible videos on facebook for a couple days before, but my feelings ran in a direction of telling myself it couldn’t be real, and what an awful thing to put out there.  The videos showed whole families being slaughtered.  Not only was it wrong on so many levels regarding chemical warfare, but so beyond inhumane.  How do human beings do this?  It is so far beyond me, there is no way to be able to relate!  It wasn’t even as though I was able to watch it closely in the state of denial I had going on, but a coworker brought it up.  I did not believe for a minute we would see it on the news, the way we only get the ‘edited’ version, let alone anything would be done about it.

    Other administrations would have chosen to approach the subject of chemical warfare in different ways.    I am glad this one didn’t choose to beat around the bush, talking and deciding and wringing hands about chemical warfare.

    No lives can be brought back.  But maybe there will not be more suffering, pain, and death from , chemical warfare  in Syria.

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  • Wizard of Oz

    Wizard of Oz Paintings

    Follow the Yellow Brick Road

    In the Wizard of Oz Paintings I have done in a series, I personally liked those reverse painting on glass that showed the yellow brick road.  There is no explanation for it, just really like the road.

    Even though I pretended to be Dorothy in my blue and white checkered dress as a little girl, the movie terrified me when it came on television every year.  I was the victim of older, sadistic sisters.  They drug me to the living room when it was time for the Wizard of Oz to run.

    As an adult I met a man who could play the lion, the scare crow, and the tin man.  I mean the whole song and dance routine!  The best part of that was, I never learned it until we were about to be married!  He was amazing!  Even with the scare crow’s dancing, that as a child, I always saw as just tripping over himself in a musical kind of Wizard of Oz fashion.

    Viewing the movie in a different light as an adult, I am now able to enjoy it even though I need to remind myself that most of the flying monkeys were actually filmed from children’s’ toys swinging on strings.

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  • Long Hair Tiger Cat

    Pet Portraits

    Grey and White Longhair

    Was there ever a sweeter little kitten face than the one of this Long Hair Tiger Cat?  I knew before I did this pet portrait that she was a rescue animal, but some rescues make the very best of pets.  My youngest daughter and I both have rescue animals for pets.  I admit that my Toby still needs training, but it’s a direction and not a speed.

    This Long Hair Tiger Cat was some work to create in reverse painting on glass.  I wanted to portray the helplessness and the need in her eyes, but the immature beauty yet to come as an adult cat somewhere down the road.  It was also very important to keep this pet portrait soft and fluffy with the future promise of feline grace and agility in this Grey and White Longhair

     I once knew a lady who raised chickens to sell the eggs.  She was quite elderly, but I bought my eggs from her.  Not even for a minute did I ever believe she was making any kind of a living.  The part that left me bewildered though, was that she never refused an animal.  There were some who took advantage of it, and one day left a litter of Grey and White Longhair kittens in her mailbox.

    Animal shelters are depressing at best, but maybe this is how pet hoarders get started.  As much as I dislike seeing animals that are neglected, or worse abused, I still wonder about the people who keep more than they are able to care for.  I am sure there are some, maybe even most, who fall into the unintentional category with their Grey and White Longhair and all of the other cats or dogs.  It just such a sad part of the daily news everywhere.

    If these qualities did not make it into the reverse painting on glass, then I will need to continue working for these goals.  Meanwhile, I will just continue to paint pet portraits.  I have done this work for clients in the past of their own pets and rescue animals with success, and hope to continue for some time.

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  • Collie

    Pet Portraits


    “Collie in the Snow” is one of my reverse painting on glass of pet portraits that was so uninspiring for me that it almost never got finished.  You see, while I was in the process of this reverse painting on glass, there was also a boxer in progress.  The boxer was everything I needed him to be.  Sad, forlorn, and desperately wanting to be out playing soccer with his children.  I’m afraid the collie was being neglected.

    But he became sad because he wasn’t getting finished.  Completely dry, but unable to get my attention for the longest time.  Painting on the back side of the glass, the view I had of the collie wasn’t a  good one.  But then came the thought “there is a significant amount of time already invested in this pet portrait, so maybe…”  Then after that, “If it’s as poor as I am afraid, I can always throw it out.”  But of course I would never know before it was finished.  I was very pleasantly surprised when I finally got a look at this pretty baby from the front side of the reverse painting on glass.  He really was a good collie!

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  • Psalm 36:6

    Religious Art

    Psalm 36;6

    Psalm 36:6 religious art.  As small dogs go, this little terrier mix is a cutie.  I am not particularly attracted to them, but must admit there are a few who have won my heart.  This one in particular belonged to my late mother-in-law.  She was a down to earth lady who didn’t mince words, and I loved her.  She cared for the dog as she would have a child.  So many of us are guilty of that, if indeed it is a crime.

    I use photographs to do my reverse painting on glass with, so if I should see a crooked tooth, or a tear in an ear from a long forgotten battle, I am probably going to paint it.  These are the details that I believe make each one an individual in their own pet portrait.  Some times I even come close to ‘capturing’ them.

    I begin the painting process with the eyes, or in this case, the reflection of light on the eyes, and proceed to the remaining features.  Only after these are in place can I start painting in the fur of this religious art pet portrait.  To see more of my reverse painting on glass, please go to

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  • American Curl

    Pet Portraits

    American Curl

    Has there ever been such a beautiful cat as a blue-eyed pure white?  Something to really enjoy the perfection of for sure.

    In order for me to do a reverse painting on glass such as this, I begin with the eyes. I need to know where the pet’s attention is focused.  I may paint in a few of the hairs that overhang the eyes, and paint in a few of the other facial features, but having the eyes in is a must before the rest of the animal goes into the painting of this American curl.  I work in oils, so each application of paint must dry before I am able to work on it the next time.

    The rest of this pet portrait is not all just fluff either.  There are some hairs that stand out, even though they are close to the same color, they are there, and it is the details,  such as the curls at the tops of the ears,  I feel that help me capture the beautiful white American curl.  And after all, the ears are going to be “looking” in the same direction as the eyes under normal circumstances.

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