reverse painting on plexi-glass

  • Winter Fun

    Photography Prints of winter and how it can be fun.

    This is a reverse painting on glass of two people I love.

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  • Loon

    “Loon” is a reverse painting on plexi-glass of an elusive waterfowl that can be found in and near the Adirondack mountains. It measures 20″ x 16″, and the price is $225.  Beautiful prints on canvass or metal can be found for sale at

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  • Splash

    “Splash” is a reverse painting on glass that recently resurfaced in the gallery.  The dolphins and some of the splashing water are on the front side of the glass, and the ocean and island are on the back side.


    To see some of the wonderful products made by Fine Art America with my reverse painting on glass printed on it, please go to

    I love the shower curtains!

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  • Pirate Queen, Renaissance Fair

    Queen Pirate at the Renaissance Fair
    Pirate Queen

    Pirate Queen is a reverse painting on plexi-glass that measures 16″ x 20″ before being framed.  She is a powerful lady in my series of renaissance fair themed paintings.  This painting as well as almost all of my work is done in oils.  The people I painted in this series spoke to me but without words, in that they were so grateful and happy just to be who they are. Even if only for the moment.

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  • First Mate

    First Mate, Renaissance Fair
    First Mate

    First Mate is a reverse painting on Plexi-glass in my renaissance fair series that measures 16″ x 20″ before framing.  My medium is oils, and it is a rare occasion when I delve into other ways to paint.  It was painted on the opposite side of which you are viewing, meaning that when I painted it, the lady was on the right side of the painting, and the gent on the left. The painting turns around when the reverse side of the glass is looked at.

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  • Amanda

    Country Boy's Mama

    Amanda, Country Boy’s Mama

    Is a reverse painting on plexi-glass that measures 18″ x 24″ inside a beautiful mahogany frame.  It’s not too hard to see that she, as well as her son love the country.

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  • Little Farmer

    Little Farmer

    Little Farmer

    In a 16″ x 20″ reverse painting on plexi-glass, it seems as though this little man may be contemplating what crops to grow next spring.

    That may or may not have been the case, but this Nana loves him anyway.  Our grandson Wyatt won our hearts!

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  • Healy 3000

    late 50's Austin Healy

    Healy 3000

    Healy 3000 is the latest in my ‘Chrome” series to be finished.  I wasn’t even aware what make or model it was. It was love at first sight, so I painted it after taking my photo.  A group I belong to on Facebook helped to identify this Austin Healy 3000 from the late 50’s- early 60’s. That was some narrowing down after I guessed mid 60’s.

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  • Country Boy Up Close

    Country Boy Up Close

    Country Boy Up Close


    This reverse painting on plexi-glass was done on a 12″ x 15″  pane.  My 2 year old grand son, Wyatt inadvertently laid a smaller frame on top of a larger painting, titled Country Boy, and when I went over to take it off, I realized there was an additional painting within the original.  It encompassed only a part of the original.  My only option was to paint it.

    Wyatt is my country boy up close and personal.  I admit to having been smitten with him.  The only down side is that he seems to realize it.  When he leaves here and goes home, he confides all we have done together with Wyatt’s Papa to his very best Elmo stuffed animal, whom he calls Melmo, it is later reported by our daughter.  There are times when these conversations last up to an hour.

    Even though Wyatt loves to build snowmen, I am looking forward to taking him to the park again this summer, so he can play on the swings, slides, and other toys, not to mention playing some baseball.

    to see more of my little lovey, visit Country Boy or to see some of the rest of my work in reverse painting on plexi-glass, go to the Gallery.

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  • Second Baseman

    This country boy came dressed as is, but don’t let that fool you.  He was ready to play!

    Painted on a 16″ x 20″ pane of plexi, this reverse painting is framed in a beautiful mahogany frame. The price is $400.  To see more of my work in the Country Boy series, please go to

    Country Boy

    Country Boy

    Second Baseman


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