Night Fire

  • 2001 September 11

    Night Fire

    measures 23″ x 19″, and is priced at $350 .

    In November of 09, my husband and I took a very spontaneous trip to N.Y.C. We went down on a bus with his son and his son’s girlfriend. We only had 1 day to spend there, and it was for the holiday; none of us had said anything about Ground Zero until halfway through the day. Most of our day was spent at the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art. At the time, Vermeer’s “Milkmaid” was on display.

    I had taken with us a bag of food to snack on, and was allowed to keep it with me without having been inspected by the security guard.  I wondered why he was even there.  Had I been a terrorist, there might have been any manner of explosive in the bag.

    I was quite shocked at what appeared to be a lack of security, and sure that people had forgotten 911.

    But only a few days later, I saw a woman painting beautiful pictures of the biggest atrocity mankind has yet to know. WWII.

    A crowd of thousands watched while she painted in sand, creating pictures that brought the audience to tears. I am now continuing my 911 memorial.

    2001, September 11

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