• 2001 September 11-


    is painted in a single pane window sash that measures 23″ x 19″.  It is priced at $350.  There is no charge for s&h.

    There was not a single night while I painted in this series that wasn’t spent in tears over the subject matter.  Many boxes of tissues and countless tear wiping episodes later, I decided it needed to end, and move on.

    I suppose that now, 15 years later, many of us feel the need to create our own 911 Memorial. Mine happens to be of 2001 September 11 painted on glass. These are original reverse glass paintings, done by myself.

    Now we have new words in our vocabulary, such as ground zero, September 11 crisis, and 911 has more than one meaning for us all. I guess it’s all part of life, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it.

    Post September 11 and 911 Memorial is my own way of showing respect to our nations heroes on that fateful day. 11, 2001 September was my pass day from the nursing home where I used to work. At that time, I was still refinishing furniture to help make ends meet. When I called a client to let her know that her stand was ready to go home, the background noise over the phone was unreal. All I could think of at the time was that it sounded as though Pearl Harbor was happening again.

    2001 September 11

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