Ram Dass

  • Ram Dass made a statement when he said “We’re all just walking each other through life.”

    Walking each other through life

    Walking each other through life

    These beautiful words and a photo from our anniversary photo shoot at Pixley falls taken in the autumn of 2015 are what I used to form this reverse painting on glass.  There are many times when my finished work is a big surprise to me because it did not come out as expected, and this painting was one of them, but I liked it that much more for the way it did evolve.  My cousin’s wife said it almost looked like us.  My older sister commented about the two old people.

    In a three pane window sash, this painting measures 17″ x 34″, the price of it being $275


    Lessons From Life

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    walking home 001

    Another reverse painting on glass featuring the same beautiful words penned by Ram Dass.

    18″ x 34.5″, $250

    The children in the painting were hose of two of my co-workers.

     In addition to using Paypal, other private arrangements for payment can be made for paintings on this site.  I can be connected with through the contact box at the bottom of the pages.

    Lessons From Life

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