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  • New York State Park Paintings

    Lately the production of my New York State Park Paintings, a series of 6 has been doing very well.

    First LP painting

    They began at Watkins Glen, and this was the first to be completed, with the waterfall at Watkins Glen being the second.

    State Park Paintings

    Watkins Glen
    State Park

    This last week end, I had the opportunity to meet a lady named Roberta, who originally came from the Watkins Glen area, and graciously, gave to me a photo of one of her own favorite areas of that park.  This morning I was close to being in shock to learn she lives only a couple miles from my husband and myself!  I have lived here almost 40 years, and still have neighbors to meet.  So, it’s safe to say I am not yet finished with the Watkins Glen State Park reverse paintings on glass.  So very much area to cover.


    are 4 additional paintings in progress, in my studio at this time, of varying views of these beautiful, water falls, all within New York State.

    My husband and I recently visited the Pixley State Park, where the Pixley Falls are, and Niagara Falls as well.  There will be more reverse painting on glass to come, even when this series of six is complete.

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  • Wizard of Oz in Reverse Painting on Glass

    My Little Pretties

    My Little Pretties

    As you can see, I did my time in the Land of Oz.  I Barely escaped, but singing like a munchkin after almost 2 years!  These reverse paintings on glass can be found with detailed information on my web site, where prices are included.  Please feel free to browse at your leisure.


    Are You Alright?

    Wizard of Oz painting


    When the project was finished, I asked my youngest daughter if she had ever seen the movie.  Her reply was that she didn’t need to.  She could just look at the paintings.

    Haunted Forest

    Haunted Forest’

    Good Witch or a Bad Witch

    Good Witch or a Bad Witch

    Hot Air Balloon

    Hot Air Balloon

    With the movie industry evolving the way it has for the last 77 years, small children would probably be more amused rather than scared out of their pants by the “Wizard of Oz”.  Our levels of being frightened have evolved at an alarming pace.  It seems as though animation has added a whole new dimension to our abilities to process fear.  My own opinion is that it’s the world that is becoming scary.


    How ever, I was fortunate enough to have married a man who understood.  Rich can do all of the Scarecrow’s dances.  He could also sing all of the cowardly lion’s songs.  He knows this movie like no other!  I was properly impressed!

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