Wizard of Oz Paintings

  • Are You Alright?

    Wizard of Oz painting

    “Are You Alright?”

    Wizard of Oz

    Good Witch or a Bad Witch

    Wizard of Oz Paintings were one of the first if my subjects in reverse painting on glass.

    My career in reverse painting on glass began in the land of Oz.  Days after seeing the movie each year, I would have the nightmares about flying monkeys.


    It wasn’t as though I ever even wanted to watch it, but I have 5 sisters, and there were those who either specialized in torture, or thought I would enjoy it.

    My Little Pretties


    The reverse paintings on glass on this page represent at least a year of my painting time.  I was singing like a munchkin when I barely escaped.

    Wizard of Oz Painting

    Haunted Forest

    How ever, I was fortunate enough to have married a man who understood.  Rich can do all of the Scarecrow’s dances.  He could also sing all of the cowardly lion’s songs.  He knows this movie like no other!  I was properly impressed!

    I had no idea that because I never forced my children to watch it there was a void in their lives.  Not thinking about it  being a classic, I endured the pain alone.


    Wizard of Oz

    Alas, live and learn.  When the project was finished, I asked my youngest daughter if she had ever seen the movie.  Her reply was that she didn’t need to.  She could just look at the paintings.

    Wizard of Oz

    I’ll Miss You All


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