Day 2:40 pm

  • Horse Paintings

    Horse Paintings are among my favorite to do.  There are days when ‘my favorite’ encompasses a lot of territory, but really, has there ever been a more beautiful sight?

    Horse Paintings


    Horse Paintings

    Bay Horse

    Horse Paintings

    Spotted Roan

    When I was a teen-ager, I somehow managed to talk my father into letting me get a pony. Her name was Misty, and she was awfully small.   Afterward came an Appaloosa  horse. He was a light grey, and the spots only showed when he was wet from bathing.  His name was Chief.   He was green broke when I bought him, and I wasn’t even that far along.  We worked out together, and became great friends.  What a lot of work, and responsibility they were!  But it lasted for years, and it did not even keep me too busy for trouble.  You have to admit, there were some negotiating talents in place!

    This continued until I was severely injured and in the hospital for 6 weeks.  I did get back on her, but admittedly, with less enthusiasm. Maybe I never got over it though.  This morning I bought a wooden rocking horse at a barn sale. Will post immediately if I ever grow up.


    Horse Paintings

    Pinto Family

    Horse Paintings

    Midnight Unicorns

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