Day 4:35 pm

  • People in Paintings

    People in Paintings keep things interesting and relatable.  After all, how many times do we look at paintings of people we never even knew or will know?  I believe it’s all a matter of how we can relate to what we are looking at.


    Reverse painting on glass

    Hand in Hand.


    Summer Paintings

    Aunt Bobbi and Josh

    I worked with a man who wanted to turn this painting around so he could see the faces of the two people in the painting.  That does, I suppose make sense on a normal persons level.

    Painting of Abbie

    Sports Paintings

    A friend of my grand-niece playing for Copper City.

    Lessons From Life

    Walking each other through life

    A reverse painting on glass of my husband and myself.

    People in Paintings


    Somewhere I would like to be.

    Sports Paintings


    A young lady named Rachael, whom I have much admiration of.  Last year she ran for the Vernon Verona Sherrill track team, and as you can see, is a formidable force to be vying against.

    Are You Alright?

    Wizard of Oz painting

    Judy Garland and Ray Bolger in a classic.

    When I began painting on glass, I was afraid to paint people. They might be insulted.  I did several pet portraits, and never got bitten or snarled at, so  somewhere along the line, I guess I got over it.  Please feel free to browse through my web site to view more of my people in paintings!

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