Clinton Fine Arts and Craft Show

  • The Clinton Fine Arts and Craft Show is on Saturday and Sunday, November 5th and 6th, and is my next venue upcoming.  Among my other reverse paintings that will be on display there will be my pet portraits and New York State park paintings.  Saturday the show will run from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.  Sunday it will be 10 until 4.

    NY State Park Paintings

    Watkins Glen Falls

    NY State Park Paintings

    Painting from Watkins Glen

    The 2 paintings featured above got framed this morning, and I will be framing an additional 2 paintings by the time the show opens, so that I may display the first 6 of my New York State reverse paintings on glass.  So far, they each measure 16″ x 20″.  So please wish me good luck, and I hope there is a good attendance at the show.

    Pet Portraits

    Long Hair Tiger Cat

    Pet Portraits

    Springer Spaniel

    Pet Portraits

    Black and White Cat










    Pet Portraits

    American Curl

    Lessons from life

    Seek Respect, not attention, it lasts longer.



    Pet Portraits

    Australian Shepard









    Pet Portraits

    Mini Pom                                                                                                                                                 Two of them are views of the water fall at Watkins Glen, and one is the Genesee Falls at Letchworth State Park.  In the last couple days I had a break from work, and the paintings that I have worked on for months now are coming together.  There will be a total of 6 of them on display at the Clinton Arts Festival.

    State Park Paintings

    Watkins Glen
    State Park

    New York State Parks Paintings

    Letchworth Park









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