Seasonal Paintings in Reverse Painting on Glass

  • Let me begin by saying that I like to work on my seasonal paintings in reverse painting on glass in series.  It isn’t just the cost of the oil paints, but more the train of thought that causes this.

    Seasonal Paintings

    Summer Fun

    Paintings of Summer

    More Summer Fun

    If there are five or six glass paintings going on in the studio at one time, and they are all of or related to the same subject, it is very likely that many of the same colors will be used on each of them.  The reason for there being so many paintings being done at once is that when the oil paints are applied to the glass, (a non porous surface) requires several days to dry.  If it isn’t dry when it’s painted on again, the risk of smearing the paint is great.  If there is paint to be smeared, the job is mine.

    Garden Variety Floral Art

    Urn of Petunias


    North American Wildlife






    Because we are half way through November at this time, there are paintings being done of Autumn leaves in the process in the studio.  I have been working on reverse paintings of New York State Parks, but I really needed a break from the waterfall life, before going back to it.  If the paints don’t dry in time for me to work on them again, I can always return to Pixley Falls for a session or two.


    Seasonal Paintings

    Winter Scene Painting,Christmas Cabin


    Winter Scene Painting

    Bringing It Home

    My reverse paintings on glass that you see on this page, as well as others, are for sale.  More information can be found on my website   All shipping and handling costs are included in the price of the painting, so the only extra charge is for tax, which I have no control over.

    Please enjoy, and let me know what you think!

    Winter Scene Painting

    Moonlit Snowman

    Winter Scene Painting

    Fire in the Hearth


    Adirondack Art

    Adirondack Art


    Horse Paintings

    Pinto Family


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