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  • Zebra Paintings in Reverse on Glass

    Zebra Paintings

    Zebra Couple

    Zebra Paintings in Reverse on Glass may not have been something I would have thought of doing on my own.  It began years ago from a tiny bit of inspiration from my second grandson, Joshua.  After driving the almost four hours it requires, I arrived at  my son-in-law and daughters house in Niagara Falls.  This was a trip only made once or twice a year, because of work, life, and motivation for the drive.  My previous visit had been when Joshua was about 18 months old.  He needed drainage tubes put in his ears because of repeated episodes of infections. At that point in life, he spoke only a few basic words.


     Purple Zebra.

    When I parked the truck in the driveway though, after a friendly wave “hello” to their neighbor, Marty, imagine my surprise when Josh ran outdoors calling out “Gramma, Gramma, my favorite color is purple! and my favorite animals are zebras!  I don’t know why God didn’t make purple zebras,  Imagine my insight into this small person.  A wonderful beginning it was!  By the time I had finished painting the purple zebras, though, his thoughts had turned elsewhere.

    Zebra Paintings

    Zebra Herd

    Even though Josh was no longer interested in the Good Lord’s choice of coloration for wild beasts, he left his Gramma with a muse. A wonderful gift!

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  • Garden Variety Floral Art / Reverse Painting on Glass

    Garden Variety Floral Art

    Urn of Petunias

    Urn of Petunias

    Not only do I love spending my time painting on glass, but I also like to work in my flower beds each year.  Now that I am getting older, I have had to cut out a few of the flower gardens, and let them return to lawn.  That part was hateful, but necessary in order to keep my back from going into muscle spasms.

    But when it’s all said and done, it’s about getting the blooms you enjoy the most.  Our driveway is over 100 feet long, and after it was black topped, I decided to have over 12″ on each side full of flowers.  I’ll be the first to tell you it’s a lot of work, but so rewarding!

    There is still a beautiful old lilac bush where my flower bed on the west side of the property is.  And the daffodils still come up around it every year.  It’s hard to discourage a daffodil once they get an idea going on.  Who would want to anyway?  Such pretty blooms!


    Garden Variety Floral Art,


    My husband’s favorites in the flower beds though are the volunteer tomato plants that have come up every year.  Useful, too!


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  • Raindrops in Art

    Rainy Drive

    Rainy Drive


    While in the midst of working on the seventh and eighth paintings of New York State Parks in reverse painting on glass, I decided it was time for a fun break.  So, I began a couple smaller paintings of raindrops in art.

    Considering the possibilities are endless, I really should try to curb my enthusiasm, but yesterday there was such a gorgeous photograph a friend put on social media of an icicle which is collective frozen raindrops almost…  Like already stated, my enthusiasm does run amok.

    raindrops in art

    Raindrop Reflection

    A former co-worker of mine takes really great photos, but the problem is that she needs a better camera than the one on her cell phone to do it with.  Alas, there are times when I work with the seemingly impossible.

    One of the photographs she gave me was of the reflection in a raindrops in art on the limb of a tree.  I painted my reverse painting on glass until I could put no more into it.  Because the raindrop was convex, the reflection I saw looked to be upside down.  What I saw in the reflection was the steeple and cross and main part of the structure of a church.  There was a curved being to one side of the church that shows up only faintly in the painting that to me looked like a woman in a long raincoat.  In the photo she was standing, but in the painting of Raindrops in art she seemed to be hovering above ground around the church.  I am unable to say how that happened.

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  • Avian Art in Reverse Painting on Glass

    Avian Art is always basically natural in form.  As can be seen in all creatures, their perfection is a work of beauty.

    Avian Art

    Wren on Cactus


    From the small wren to some of the larger raptors, birds are species of perfection.

    Owl Paintings

    Great Grey Owl on Fence

    Where I  live in Central New York State we are blessed with a multitude of avian wildlife to observe.

    Avian Art

    Chickadee on Burdock Bloom

    For the first 40 years of my life, I would never have believed that there  would be Bald Eagles in this area.  That was then.

    Avian Art

    Eagle Over Lake Delta

    Since they were reintroduced into the area, they are no longer rarely seen at all.

    Avian Art

    Eagle Over American Flag

    Avian Art

    Eagle Over Lake Delta

    Avian Art

    Nesting Eagle

    So, even though some of my avian art in reverse painting on glass is not always as clear as some of my artwork, I can think of no more beautiful and natural subject to paint.

    North American Wildlife


    Religious Art

    Mathew 6:25-31



    Owl in Birch,

    Owl Paintings

    While driving around what the locals here call the back stretch, a road on the north and east side of the air base in Rome one day, I saw an adult Bald Eagle just lifting off the ground with a rabbit in his talons. They were only about 30 feet away from me!  By the time I was able to inhale again,  it was over.  I am truly sorry for anyone who thinks that awful, but it was a magnificent sight to witness!

    The reverse paintings on glass that can be seen on my web site are for sale.  Please click on the pictures to view details.


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  • Antique Auto Artwork in Reverse Painting on Glass

    1969 Mustang

    Antique Auto Artwork

    My husband, Rich asked me when I began painting on glass exactly what I had in mind as the final result. My answer was that I wanted to be able to paint something that anyone in the world would recognize.  Like maybe a “69 Ford Mustang.  I guess it happened.

    Antique Auto Artwork

    “71 Chevelle

    Rich had a beautiful “71 Chevelle Super Sport when I met him, but he sold it.  He now has a Mustang Bullitt in the garage.  He must really like it a lot, because the Bullitt got it’s own new garage.


    Antique Auto Paintings

    My brother-in-law, Timmy T. had a gorgeous old Plymouth “38 Coupe, but that caught fire on Starr Hill north of the town of Steuben, and alas, by the time the fire department got there, the old girl was gone.

    The old car models had such distinctive features, like the three holes in the fenders of Buicks, or the flying ladies on the radiator caps of the Rolls Royces.  Now it seems as though all of the makes and models look alike except for the emblems, and they aren’t always easy to locate.

    Antique Auto Artwork

    1950 Studebaker

    No one knows more how easy it is to break glass, and Rich learned with this painting.  The framing can be difficult, and a corner of the barn broke off when he tried to get this glass pane in the frame.  There was a man in total disbelief.  I took a look at it though, and decided he had improved the painting by breaking off the distracting parts.  I then took it to the glass cutter, and asked him to resize it by making it smaller.  Voila!

    Antique Autos


     The reverse painting on glass you see on my posts are all for sale, and the prices of them may be found by clicking on the pictures for more info.  Please feel free to shop or just window shop through reverse painting lady.


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