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  • Antique Auto Artwork in Reverse Painting on Glass

    1969 Mustang

    Antique Auto Artwork

    My husband, Rich asked me when I began painting on glass exactly what I had in mind as the final result. My answer was that I wanted to be able to paint something that anyone in the world would recognize.  Like maybe a “69 Ford Mustang.  I guess it happened.

    Antique Auto Artwork

    “71 Chevelle

    Rich had a beautiful “71 Chevelle Super Sport when I met him, but he sold it.  He now has a Mustang Bullitt in the garage.  He must really like it a lot, because the Bullitt got it’s own new garage.


    Antique Auto Paintings

    My brother-in-law, Timmy T. had a gorgeous old Plymouth “38 Coupe, but that caught fire on Starr Hill north of the town of Steuben, and alas, by the time the fire department got there, the old girl was gone.

    The old car models had such distinctive features, like the three holes in the fenders of Buicks, or the flying ladies on the radiator caps of the Rolls Royces.  Now it seems as though all of the makes and models look alike except for the emblems, and they aren’t always easy to locate.

    Antique Auto Artwork

    1950 Studebaker

    No one knows more how easy it is to break glass, and Rich learned with this painting.  The framing can be difficult, and a corner of the barn broke off when he tried to get this glass pane in the frame.  There was a man in total disbelief.  I took a look at it though, and decided he had improved the painting by breaking off the distracting parts.  I then took it to the glass cutter, and asked him to resize it by making it smaller.  Voila!

    Antique Autos


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