Day 1:52 pm

  • Raindrops in Art

    Rainy Drive

    Rainy Drive


    While in the midst of working on the seventh and eighth paintings of New York State Parks in reverse painting on glass, I decided it was time for a fun break.  So, I began a couple smaller paintings of raindrops in art.

    Considering the possibilities are endless, I really should try to curb my enthusiasm, but yesterday there was such a gorgeous photograph a friend put on social media of an icicle which is collective frozen raindrops almost…  Like already stated, my enthusiasm does run amok.

    raindrops in art

    Raindrop Reflection

    A former co-worker of mine takes really great photos, but the problem is that she needs a better camera than the one on her cell phone to do it with.  Alas, there are times when I work with the seemingly impossible.

    One of the photographs she gave me was of the reflection in a raindrops in art on the limb of a tree.  I painted my reverse painting on glass until I could put no more into it.  Because the raindrop was convex, the reflection I saw looked to be upside down.  What I saw in the reflection was the steeple and cross and main part of the structure of a church.  There was a curved being to one side of the church that shows up only faintly in the painting that to me looked like a woman in a long raincoat.  In the photo she was standing, but in the painting of Raindrops in art she seemed to be hovering above ground around the church.  I am unable to say how that happened.

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