Avian Art in Reverse Painting on Glass

  • Avian Art is always basically natural in form.  As can be seen in all creatures, their perfection is a work of beauty.

    Avian Art

    Wren on Cactus


    From the small wren to some of the larger raptors, birds are species of perfection.

    Owl Paintings

    Great Grey Owl on Fence

    Where I  live in Central New York State we are blessed with a multitude of avian wildlife to observe.

    Avian Art

    Chickadee on Burdock Bloom

    For the first 40 years of my life, I would never have believed that there  would be Bald Eagles in this area.  That was then.

    Avian Art

    Eagle Over Lake Delta

    Since they were reintroduced into the area, they are no longer rarely seen at all.

    Avian Art

    Eagle Over American Flag

    Avian Art

    Eagle Over Lake Delta

    Avian Art

    Nesting Eagle

    So, even though some of my avian art in reverse painting on glass is not always as clear as some of my artwork, I can think of no more beautiful and natural subject to paint.

    North American Wildlife


    Religious Art

    Mathew 6:25-31https://reversepaintinglady.com/new-home/gallery-2/religous-art/mathew-625-31/



    Owl in Birch,

    Owl Paintings https://reversepaintinglady.com/new-home/gallery-2/owl-paintings/owl-in-birch/

    While driving around what the locals here call the back stretch, a road on the north and east side of the air base in Rome one day, I saw an adult Bald Eagle just lifting off the ground with a rabbit in his talons. They were only about 30 feet away from me!  By the time I was able to inhale again,  it was over.  I am truly sorry for anyone who thinks that awful, but it was a magnificent sight to witness!

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