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  • Artist Statement for Reverse Painting Lady

    An Artist Statement for Reverse Painting Lady is my explanation for doing what I am in my artwork.

    I began painting in oils on canvass at an early age, but at the same time, I was also smitten by reverse paintings on glass that I had seen in my parents’ antique shop.  Even though a few of them were almost 200 years old, the colors still popped.

    After several years of framing my paintings, the glass panes from the frames were piling up.  So using the experience I had, and a copious amount of inspiration from my best friend and husband, Rich, I ran with it.

    The first thing to enter the painting would be the last thing that happened in the scene  Necessary details would also be painted near the start.  The final view of the painting is from the opposite side of the glass.  So if I paint the subject facing left, you will see it as facing right.  Because I have to layer the paint, I have a friend who says my work looks like it was done by an 8 year old child from the side on which I paint.  She still doesn’t understand how it can come out looking so finished.  We have known each other for years, and apparently I don’t yet explain the process well enough.

    I like to do my reverse painting on glass of pet portraits, your garden variety floral art, and religious paintings.  After all, I would not be painting if I didn’t have the abilities I was given.  For the majority, the theme of my work is based on nature, mankind, and religion.  How they relate to one another and each other.

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