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  • North American Wildlife in Reverse Painting on Glass


    Big Cat Paintings

    Florida Panther

    The term North American wildlife covers a multitude of species of animal.  But how many people spend time and money just to view them in their natural habitat?  Countless, I am sure.  There is no more exciting a sight than that of an eagle soaring majestically to his or her nest to be with their clutch of eaglets.

    North American Wildlife

    Sunset Elk 

    Though I did once come face to face with a white tail buck during rut, I doubt It would have been so wondrous had the circumstances been more dangerous.

    North American Wildlife

    Elk in Snow

    And then there are those who feed chipmunks and squirrels. some even by hand.  Think of the industry of wild bird seeds and feeders, the bird houses.  All for people who love to see north American wildlife on a regular basis at a convenient place for them.

    North American Wildlife Paintings

    Grizzly on Ice

    Then you have the hunters, who buy their guns, maintain them, pay for the license every year, and never bring home the bacon.  ( It’s really about getting outdoors and just enjoying the wildlife they do see. )

    Avian Art

    Eagle Over Lake Delta

    Weather they are majestic or meek, large or small, ferocious or timid, North American Wildlife is a huge subject matter that encompasses a plethora of species of mysteries!

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