Day 8:04 pm

  • Reverse Painting on Glass displayed at Jonny B’s Tavern

    The Rennie family at Jonny B’s are wonderful people to continue to feed me now and then, so Rich and I will continue the Reverse Painting on Glass displayed at Jonny B’s Tavern.

    Jonny B's Tavern

    Jonny B’s Tavern


    It would be impossible to hang all of the reverse paintings on glass down there, so we change them out now and then, in an effort to keep the patrons having something to enjoy and hopefully converse about.   People are probably getting tired of the seasonal paintings, especially winter so we have moved the Watkins Glen series down in addition to the Pet Portraits.  Rich wanted to take some of the Big Cat Paintings, or maybe the African Art, but Pam Rennie leaves this up to me, so I have to decide what people might want to see.  It’s a tall order!

    Pet Portraits

    Jonny B’s Tavern, Pet Portraits


    A Family oriented type of restaurant,, they are open daily at 11:30 a.m. and serve fine meals through the evening.  For those just passing through, carry out meals can be called in, and picked up at the bar.  The service is always friendly, as well as efficient.

    Big Cat Paintings

    Big Cat Paintings


    It can be found in the town of Floyd on New Floyd Road ( Route 365 ) at the intersection of Camroden Rd. and 365.

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