Adirondack Art in Reverse Painting on Glass

  • Adirondack Art in Reverse Painting on Glass is something I am familiar with.  Having been born and raised in Rome, New York, I have made this area my home.

    Autumn Paintings

    Autumn Painting

    For those who aren’t acquainted with the area, The Adirondacks are one of the oldest ranges of mountains in North America and only an hour or two from Rome.  They were formed by glaciers wending their way through during the ice age.  Evidence of this can still be easily found in the ravines and chasms in northern and central New York.

    Adirondack Art

    Adirondack Art

    My husband and I enjoy cross country skiing in the winter, and sometimes have to go to the foothills of the Adirondacks for the snow.  When one is unquestionably living in the second half of their life, and still find unfathomable views in the dead of winter, it comes as refreshing!

    Even if you visit to see the North American Wildlife it is rewarding.


    Winter Scene Painting

    Fire in the Hearth

    Remaining a wilderness in the majority of the area, the north country can be a potentially dangerous place, especially for the out of towners who don’t realize there are still places with no accessible cell towers. If it took you two hours to get up there, and something unforeseen were to happen, just think about the trip back down on a stretcher.  If you are going to mountain climb, please go prepared!  We went mountain climbing for my first time last fall with my sister and brother in-law.  It was fabulous!

    I am the ‘reverse painting lady’, and would like nothing better than to share my work in reverse painting on glass with any one who wants to see it, so please feel free to browse through my website.  Comments are welcome, and I check my site daily to answer any questions that should arise.

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