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  • Breath of Fresh Air

    Ocean Life

    Breath of Fresh Air

    We all need a Breath of Fresh Air now and then.  Even though they may have surfaced from pure joy, maybe this dolphin coupe surfaced for nothing more than fresh air.  Being more geared toward land rather than sea, this is not usually a thing I speculate on often.  It was more the beauty and grace of these creatures that captured my attention.

    This reverse painting on glass is the first of mine ever worked on from both sides of the glass pane.  It was almost accidental that it was painted in such a manner, But the last thing to enter the view is the first thing that is painted.  Once the dolphins and a bit of the water splashing were in the painting and it had dried, it looked as close to perfect as I could have gotten it from the side I had painted on. So I finished the painting on what had been intended to be the front side ( the side you would have viewed it from ) of the glass.

    Since that painting was completed, there have been a very limited few, only three or four to pin it down, that have been finished in this manner.  In each glass painting there was a need for  adding depth.  An example of this was when I wanted the eyes of a dog to come to life, so the brown part and most of the dog’s undercoat were painted on the back, and his eye lashes and fur were painted on the front.  Another was when some trees in the foreground were required to really stand out, and be closer to the viewer of the painting.

    Originally I had meant to write about a breath of fresh air, ocean life, and reverse painting on glass.  Look where this went!

    Please do check out more of my work at

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  • High Heels


    . High Heels

    Though they are stunning as shoes go, these are not at all comfortable.  What we ladies must sacrifice for style!  Even though I was a fifties baby, I can not fathom how ladies wore high heels everywhere.  At that time, flats were unheard of, and sneakers were not yet an option.  The fashion had so much grace.  Dress styles were gorgeous, but who could have invented heels?  I am a very diminutive 5′ 2″ , but even so, am not usually that desperate to be taller. There are advantages to being built close to the ground.  I even have a lovely hand bag to go with these shoes, but they get rarely used.  I admit that I bought them for the painting.

    It truly is the reverse painting on glass that gets me wired up to do a thing like this.  Other than earning a livelihood, I go to work in part to think about what I am going to do with my glass painting when I get home and how I am going to do it.   The And no, I don’t wear high heels to work. The thought of how I can contribute a bit of elegance, nature, love or spirituality to someone’s life with a reverse painting on glass they will enjoy looking at repeatedly, is one of the ideas I work on formulating.

    I recently read in the local paper that styles in fashion would be trending toward the even more risqué.  One can only wonder how it could be possible.  After all, I did survive the 60’s and 70’s.

    My series of glass paintings depicting fashion has just begun with high heels, still in the early stages.  I am open to suggestion from any one with some input about the subject of fashion.  The thoughts on hand at this time lean toward hand bags, dresses and wraps.

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  • A House in the Woods

    Winter Scene Painting

    A House in the Woods

    Life in the woods is far different than life in the city.  Even though people need each other, how far must that be carried?  I, myself lived in a city for the term of a one year lease.  It cured me.


    Seasonal Paintings

    Winter Scene Painting, Christmas Cabin

    After having been living in a small community for the first 18 years of life, the city became a nice place to visit, occasionally.

    So my last 40 or so years have been spent back near the same place I started, and rightfully so.  If there are those who think they might be interested in a house in the woods because they need something other than the city, my idea of finding out for sure would be to go spend a year in the woods, including the full 3 months of winter.  The atmosphere is totally different from that of the environment in the city.  The sounds and smells when one goes to bed and get up are different than those in the city.

    Winter Scene Painting

    Moonlit Snowman

    Not that I am unable to see that people can function better in an atmosphere of hustle and bustle, I do understand that, but,  a house in the woods is the dream of many people.

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  • Birds and Blooms

    Autumn Paintings

    Yellow Finch

    Birds and Blooms are a favorite subject for so many people.  The market for wild bird seed and feeders in the United States alone is astronomical.  I love to watch the wild birds in their natural habitat or when they come because food was put out for them.

    Avian Art


    Always having been a country girl, Birds and Blooms seemed to be a part of life from the beginning.  My mother loved to see them too.  When it came to the blooms, it was all about waiting for the flower to open.

      We actually had a class in grade school years ago when these things were important.  Each student chose a species of bird to study.  There were reports to be done about natural habitat, the diet of each of the avian art in question, and any other information pertinent to the specie we chose.

    Garden Variety Art

    Finches on Thistles

    My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Van Dreiser encouraged each of us to feed the birds.

    Birds and Blooms


    I saved bacon and sausage drippings in paper cups, putting a string in while it was liquid so when it set there was a built in hanger for it. I even got a little creative by adding bird seed before it solidified.

    Avian Art

    Egret Couple

    There were no holds barred when it came to getting a close look at these beautiful wild birds and blooms!

    avian art

    Out On a Limb

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  • Hand in Hand

    Reverse painting on glass

    Hand in Hand

    There is something about people being hand in hand that is universal.  It’s a thing that unites us.  As a youngster in the first grade of elementary school, some are taught to pair up and proceed to our destination, not ever alone.

    My Little Pretties

    Even when not holding hands, the shoulders may touch, creating the same type of closeness.

    People are social beings, though there are times in life when we need to be with ourselves, to learn who we are before we are able to present ourselves to others.

    Paintings from Rpme, New York

    Fishing at Delta

    We require our personal space, and some more so than others.

    People in Paintings


    As one of the people who need more time alone than others, there is still a small empty spot within that never gets filled.  But why would I worry over such a fine point.  I doubt anyone will lose sleep over it.

    Summer Paintings

    Aunt Bobbi and Josh

    The reverse painting on glass you can see posted on this sit is an accumulation of my artwork over the last seventeen years or more.

    Lessons From Life

    Walking each other through life

    To see more of my artwork in reverse painting on glass, please click on the photos to take you to a few of the pages of my website.

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  • Eagles Painted in Reverse on Glass

    Avian Art

    Eagle Over Lake Delta

    Some of my Eagles Painted in Reverse on Glass are larger than others. but they are all of the Bald Eagle species as yet.  The reason for this I am sure, is because they are the only species of eagle in this part of New York that has been reintroduced to the area.

    Avian Art

    Nesting Eagle

    The first time I saw one, one of my daughters did not believe me.  So I painted it.  I am sure she still did not believe me, but I felt better.  About two years later it became common knowledge they were thriving locally.

    Avian Art

    Eagle Over Lake Delta

    Last year an eagle couple built a nest just a few miles from home, but there were too many fans for those modest raptors, so they moved out.  You see, apparently someone was bothering them with a drone, and I heard the male eagle had been injured.  I do hope the eagle was able to eat the drone first.  I do not understand why people feel the need to bother north American wildlife.

    When our oldest grandson graduated and was about to go in the USMC, he told my daughter and son-in-law that what he wanted was one of my Eagles Painted in Reverse on Glass, in red, white and blue.   So that was his gift from Grandma.  It would be great if all teens were so easy to please with avian art.

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  • Pixley Falls

    Pixley Falls in Winter

    Pixley Falls in Winter

    Pixley Falls has been a place I have thought about visiting in the heart of winter since my husband and I began cross country skiing quite a few years ago.  I did go back in a few years ago, but not far enough  to see the falls.  Well, yesterday we went again.  I am no spring chicken, and I knew it was going to be a rough ride, especially with my back not being just right, but to my own detriment, I am a stubborn one.

    Pixley Falls in February

    Pixley Falls in February

    One of the side effects of the medicine I take for the muscle spasms in my back is the impairment of balance.  In order to get down into the area below the falls, there is a steep grade to go down.  With all of the packed snow going down the grade, I made stellar time getting there to shoot the photos,  but the impaired balance thing was going on during the crawl to get back up the incline.  I thought a lot about sledding when I was a child, and can’t think for the life of me what the allure was.

    Pixley Falls in February

    Pixley Falls in February

    The lengths I go to in order to get the material needed for my reverse paintings on glass reach far.  Even after the grueling trip yesterday, there was still the order of prints and new Plexi-glass to go out for today.  After the 30 or so hours it will take to paint the picture, a frame will still need to be bought to match the other New York State Park Paintings.  Maybe that’s why some use the term “starving artist”.  Oh well, this painter had a wonderful time yesterday at Pixley Falls!

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  • Spring Rain in Art

    Spring Rain in Art is something I would guess not too many people think about.  I certainly did not until I began looking at the reflections the surface of the water creates in some photographs.  It also seems to me the colors wake up and are new in Spring.  When I first looked at it, the painting featured above looked like the southern part of the globe, featuring South America and Africa.  But after closer inspection, the ocean between them was only the reflection of a leaf.  I was reading more into it than was there.

    Rainy Day

    Rainy Day

    Even though I am not a spider fan, I couldn’t help but notice the beauty of her web and the raindrops that fell on it in a photograph taken by my former co-worker, Jen Andrews, who has an eye for picking out beauty in unexpected places.

     I took the picture of this Spring Rain in Art on the 4th of February, and there is snow around it, the spider and her web are covered with Spring Rain in Art.  These two reverse painting on glass each measure 11″ x 14″, with the solid mahogany  frames being larger.

    Please feel free to visit my web site at to see more of my work in reverse painting on glass.

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  • More Butterflies in Reverse Painting on Glass

    Butterflies in Reverse Painting on Glass

    Butterflies in Reverse Painting on Glass


    Memories are funny things sometimes, that seem to pop up out of nowhere.  This morning while folding laundry, I thought about when my children were in grade school.  I tried to have a snack ready for them each day after school, so one day I made chocolate chip cookies that were coming out of the oven as they got off the bus.

    Butterflies in Reverse Painting on Glass

    Butterflies in Reverse Painting on Glass


    It was a beautiful sunny day when the four of them got to the top of the driveway, and the cookies were still very warm and melty.  Each of them got a cookie.  My son was 5 years old at the time, and still quite impressed by not to mention in love with cookies.  While he was looking at the cookie, getting ready for the first bite, the look of complete adoration turned abruptly though to one of reviled disgust.

    I didn’t understand until I saw the butterfly perched on the cookie.  I was a very bad mother to laugh so hard.  But, there were more cookies to replace it with.  I found it odd that something as beautiful as a butterfly would be seen as something repulsive when viewed so up close and personal.

    Please feel free to check out more Butterflies in Reverse Painting on Glass

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