A House in the Woods

  • Winter Scene Painting

    A House in the Woods

    Life in the woods is far different than life in the city.  Even though people need each other, how far must that be carried?  I, myself lived in a city for the term of a one year lease.  It cured me.


    Seasonal Paintings

    Winter Scene Painting, Christmas Cabin

    After having been living in a small community for the first 18 years of life, the city became a nice place to visit, occasionally.

    So my last 40 or so years have been spent back near the same place I started, and rightfully so.  If there are those who think they might be interested in a house in the woods because they need something other than the city, my idea of finding out for sure would be to go spend a year in the woods, including the full 3 months of winter.  The atmosphere is totally different from that of the environment in the city.  The sounds and smells when one goes to bed and get up are different than those in the city.

    Winter Scene Painting

    Moonlit Snowman

    Not that I am unable to see that people can function better in an atmosphere of hustle and bustle, I do understand that, but,  a house in the woods is the dream of many people.

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