Birds and Blooms

  • Autumn Paintings

    Yellow Finch

    Birds and Blooms are a favorite subject for so many people.  The market for wild bird seed and feeders in the United States alone is astronomical.  I love to watch the wild birds in their natural habitat or when they come because food was put out for them.

    Avian Art


    Always having been a country girl, Birds and Blooms seemed to be a part of life from the beginning.  My mother loved to see them too.  When it came to the blooms, it was all about waiting for the flower to open.

      We actually had a class in grade school years ago when these things were important.  Each student chose a species of bird to study.  There were reports to be done about natural habitat, the diet of each of the avian art in question, and any other information pertinent to the specie we chose.

    Garden Variety Art

    Finches on Thistles

    My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Van Dreiser encouraged each of us to feed the birds.

    Birds and Blooms


    I saved bacon and sausage drippings in paper cups, putting a string in while it was liquid so when it set there was a built in hanger for it. I even got a little creative by adding bird seed before it solidified.

    Avian Art

    Egret Couple

    There were no holds barred when it came to getting a close look at these beautiful wild birds and blooms!

    avian art

    Out On a Limb

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