Hand in Hand

  • Reverse painting on glass

    Hand in Hand

    There is something about people being hand in hand that is universal.  It’s a thing that unites us.  As a youngster in the first grade of elementary school, some are taught to pair up and proceed to our destination, not ever alone.

    My Little Pretties

    Even when not holding hands, the shoulders may touch, creating the same type of closeness.

    People are social beings, though there are times in life when we need to be with ourselves, to learn who we are before we are able to present ourselves to others.

    Paintings from Rpme, New York

    Fishing at Delta

    We require our personal space, and some more so than others.

    People in Paintings


    As one of the people who need more time alone than others, there is still a small empty spot within that never gets filled.  But why would I worry over such a fine point.  I doubt anyone will lose sleep over it.

    Summer Paintings

    Aunt Bobbi and Josh

    The reverse painting on glass you can see posted on this sit is an accumulation of my artwork over the last seventeen years or more.

    Lessons From Life

    Walking each other through life

    To see more of my artwork in reverse painting on glass, please click on the photos to take you to a few of the pages of my website.

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