Pixley Falls

  • Pixley Falls in Winter

    Pixley Falls in Winter

    Pixley Falls has been a place I have thought about visiting in the heart of winter since my husband and I began cross country skiing quite a few years ago.  I did go back in a few years ago, but not far enough  to see the falls.  Well, yesterday we went again.  I am no spring chicken, and I knew it was going to be a rough ride, especially with my back not being just right, but to my own detriment, I am a stubborn one.

    Pixley Falls in February

    Pixley Falls in February

    One of the side effects of the medicine I take for the muscle spasms in my back is the impairment of balance.  In order to get down into the area below the falls, there is a steep grade to go down.  With all of the packed snow going down the grade, I made stellar time getting there to shoot the photos,  but the impaired balance thing was going on during the crawl to get back up the incline.  I thought a lot about sledding when I was a child, and can’t think for the life of me what the allure was.

    Pixley Falls in February

    Pixley Falls in February

    The lengths I go to in order to get the material needed for my reverse paintings on glass reach far.  Even after the grueling trip yesterday, there was still the order of prints and new Plexi-glass to go out for today.  After the 30 or so hours it will take to paint the picture, a frame will still need to be bought to match the other New York State Park Paintings.  Maybe that’s why some use the term “starving artist”.  Oh well, this painter had a wonderful time yesterday at Pixley Falls!

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