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    Australian Shepard

    “Australian Shepard” is one of my favorites of the pet portraits I have done in reverse painting on glass,  The first Ausie I ever met was named Bo.  A big beautiful Blue Meryl, I immediately told him he was the most beautiful dog I had ever laid eyes on.  We two hit it off miraculously!   After explaining to him that I would like to see the boss, Bo showed me into the dairy barn through the milk house, very calmly walking me to the other end of the barn, and I thanked him kindly.

    The boss I had been looking for looked up to see the dog sitting next to where I stood.  He was at a loss for words, but finally asked how I had gotten past the Australian Shepard.  I explained I did not have to get past him, the dog brought me in.  This left Ken, the boss in some confusion  Later I learned Bo did not make friends easily, if ever.  Even later than that, Ken and I became married, and Bo became my dog as well as Ken’s.  Another Australian Shepard was needed so that Bo’s line could go on, and my daughter found one.

    Polly wasn’t as smart as Bo, but as an Australian Shepard goes, she was as loyal and protective a dog that lived.  We had a litter of 12, 10 of which survived.  Bo and Geronimo, one of the male puppies came to live with me after Ken passed away.

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