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    Mini Pom

    After losing her Mini Pom to deteriorating health, my daughter very unwillingly took in another who needed to be rescued.  This was at the insistence of my older daughter.  His name is Dolce, and this was about 7 years ago.  It only took a few hours.  This is one of my pet portraits in reverse painting on glass.  I could have laughed and told her she fell into that, but she inherited it from me.

    After this daughter had her first baby over a year ago, things got a little iffy about Dolce, the Mini Pom and the baby, but it was fortunately just one of the things that take time in life.  After all, there was a new prince in the house who as yet knew nothing about the Dolce.

    He was a high maintenance dog, and somewhat pampered, but seems to have gotten over that with the arrival of his boy, Wyatt.  They are now good friends even though the Mini Pom in the pet portrait now keeps his hair cut much shorter.  It’s hard not to laugh when a 10 pound  Pomeranian looks more like a miniature male African Lion.

    To see more of the pet portraits I do in reverse painting on glass and pet portraits, please go to

    Pet Portraits

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