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    “Collie in the Snow” is one of my reverse painting on glass of pet portraits that was so uninspiring for me that it almost never got finished.  You see, while I was in the process of this reverse painting on glass, there was also a boxer in progress.  The boxer was everything I needed him to be.  Sad, forlorn, and desperately wanting to be out playing soccer with his children.  I’m afraid the collie was being neglected.

    But he became sad because he wasn’t getting finished.  Completely dry, but unable to get my attention for the longest time.  Painting on the back side of the glass, the view I had of the collie wasn’t a  good one.  But then came the thought “there is a significant amount of time already invested in this pet portrait, so maybe…”  Then after that, “If it’s as poor as I am afraid, I can always throw it out.”  But of course I would never know before it was finished.  I was very pleasantly surprised when I finally got a look at this pretty baby from the front side of the reverse painting on glass.  He really was a good collie!

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