American Bobtail

  • Religious Art

    Psalm 104:27

    “American Bobtail” reads “all creatures look to you to give them food at the proper time.”  Even though tis is true for all animals, as far as cats go, it could not have been said better.

    The breed of cat called the American Bobtail was developed in the 1960’s, a stocky cat, that might have either long or short hair.  The “bobbed” tail was produced by a dominant gene, and not by the cross breeding with the wild bobtail, as one might be led to believe.  They are for the most part a friendly and sociable house pet.  They seem to be more shaggy than fluffy.

    A few of my pet portraits are based in religious art, such as this, but for the most part, they are just that, pet portraits. To begin painting the colors of the coat of this American Bobtail, I usually use a small flat brush to go back and forth with, and when in the final stages of the reverse painting on glass, a soft, round larger paint brush.  For the whiskers and eyebrows, a skewer for use on a grill. using the pointed end does very nicely.  I find myself using tools one would not normally think of for painting, but it seems to work for this American bobtail as well as other reverse painting on glass that I do.

    Religious Art

    Pet Portraits

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