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    American Curl

    Has there ever been such a beautiful cat as a blue-eyed pure white?  Something to really enjoy the perfection of for sure.

    In order for me to do a reverse painting on glass such as this, I begin with the eyes. I need to know where the pet’s attention is focused.  I may paint in a few of the hairs that overhang the eyes, and paint in a few of the other facial features, but having the eyes in is a must before the rest of the animal goes into the painting of this American curl.  I work in oils, so each application of paint must dry before I am able to work on it the next time.

    The rest of this pet portrait is not all just fluff either.  There are some hairs that stand out, even though they are close to the same color, they are there, and it is the details,  such as the curls at the tops of the ears,  I feel that help me capture the beautiful white American curl.  And after all, the ears are going to be “looking” in the same direction as the eyes under normal circumstances.

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