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    Grey and White Longhair

    Was there ever a sweeter little kitten face than the one of this Long Hair Tiger Cat?  I knew before I did this pet portrait that she was a rescue animal, but some rescues make the very best of pets.  My youngest daughter and I both have rescue animals for pets.  I admit that my Toby still needs training, but it’s a direction and not a speed.

    This Long Hair Tiger Cat was some work to create in reverse painting on glass.  I wanted to portray the helplessness and the need in her eyes, but the immature beauty yet to come as an adult cat somewhere down the road.  It was also very important to keep this pet portrait soft and fluffy with the future promise of feline grace and agility in this Grey and White Longhair

     I once knew a lady who raised chickens to sell the eggs.  She was quite elderly, but I bought my eggs from her.  Not even for a minute did I ever believe she was making any kind of a living.  The part that left me bewildered though, was that she never refused an animal.  There were some who took advantage of it, and one day left a litter of Grey and White Longhair kittens in her mailbox.

    Animal shelters are depressing at best, but maybe this is how pet hoarders get started.  As much as I dislike seeing animals that are neglected, or worse abused, I still wonder about the people who keep more than they are able to care for.  I am sure there are some, maybe even most, who fall into the unintentional category with their Grey and White Longhair and all of the other cats or dogs.  It just such a sad part of the daily news everywhere.

    If these qualities did not make it into the reverse painting on glass, then I will need to continue working for these goals.  Meanwhile, I will just continue to paint pet portraits.  I have done this work for clients in the past of their own pets and rescue animals with success, and hope to continue for some time.

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