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    Mountain Goat

    Our imperfection is what makes us perfect in our own way, and it is what makes us different and special from others.”  Terek Solomon.  This mountain goat is in what seems to be in a very cold place, that he was designed to thrive in.  Living this day in central New York, I am able to feel the cold he must endure, but the rough mountain side is a thing I have experienced but a few times.  We just had a snow storm empty three feet and more of snow on us in a 24 hour period yesterday.  It made life difficult for many people, but consider the wildlife, and what it endures.

    Just walking through a parking lot will leave one damp from snow and cold for hours.  It dries out a little quicker in this oh so dry time of year, but still so miserable.  If your car is hopelessly stuck under 24″ or so, it gets worse.  It was without a doubt, a different kind of a day.  The area is still under a storm warning for the coming 8 hours.

    As for the being different and special, I painted the mountain goat with the thought of the people I work for in mind.  You see, I work in a 12 bed home for the disabled.  Each and every one of them is special, but different from what life normally throws at us.  They have had experiences we never will, and would never wish for.

    To see more of my glass painting, or more lesson from life, please go to

    Lessons From Life

    a page devoted to my spiritual paintings, and enjoy, and more than just a mountain goat glass painting.  Comments, input, and suggestions are welcome at the bottom of the page.

     This 16″ x 20″ reverse painting on plexi-glass is priced a $225.

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