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  • Owl Paintings

    Owl Paintings

    Great Grey Owl on Fence

    Owl paintings are a subject I haven’t done a series of as much as I just keep returning to.  I might do a series of paintings or maybe three, and then it’s time to do another owl glass painting.  Finding myself intrigued by owls, I am not obsessed with them.  They are so much easier to hear than to see, and in the area where I live, they can be heard on any given day, but seldom  seen.

    Owl Paintings

    Though I have written about avian art, the raptors are special for me.  Think of the exacting skill, the awareness of body and muscle it requires just to stay alive, let alone to provide for a nest full of owlets.  Though the abilities are innate, survival would still be a chore.  I believe they are not merely survivors, but warriors.

    There are people who specialize in collecting owls of all kinds, for example, ceramic, bisque, wooden and stuffed owls.  Some that actually look real, and some, well, not so much.

    My glass painting encompasses a wide variety of subjects including but not limited to horses, flowers, seasonal paintings, pet portraits as well as the owl paintings, so please consider taking a look at things that might interest you too.

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  • Purple Flower Blooms

    Garden Variety Floral Art

    Purple Flower Blooms

    This garden variety floral art piece is painted in an old window sash, measuring 23″ x 28″,  with a varnish finish over the original worn paint.  It was done in such a manner to remind us that beauty can still be found in unlikely places.  These blooming buds may at times be found in the flower bed belonging to a withered old lady, or equally as likely in a lovely park.

    Being very fond of flora and fauna, I have my own flower beds to tend to when the season for it arrives. When I was younger, I was a little carried away with them, and did end up removing some further away from the house.  but life has a way of moving on, and I began working full time. They were just too difficult to get to on a regular basis.  My daughters have made donations to the cause over time, and I always look forward to new additions.  Those that my daughters bring seem to fare better than any I have bought in the past. The purple flower blooms are great, but the ones I am looking forward to this year are the bleeding hearts in a bright red.  Unless there was winter kill, I look forward to three plants.

    One day while baby sitting for a friend, the six year old girl began picking small weeds out of my gardens.  I watched for a few minutes without commenting.  I then asked, “How did you know which ones to pick out?”  She replied “My grandfather taught me which ones are the weeds.”  What a charming young lady, and a wonderful grandpa!

    All of my reverse painting on glass is for sale.

    To see more of my glass painting of  purple blooms and  floral paintings, please visit

    Garden Variety Floral Art

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  • Pixley Falls

    Pixley Falls

    Pixley Falls

    Pixley Falls has been an annual destination point for Rich (my husband) and me for quite a while.  If we don’t get up there for a visit, we missed summer.  I am sure the number of summers is numbered, so I will not take the chance of missing one of them.

    These reverse paintings on glass measure 16″ x 20″ out of the frames, and are done on plexi-glass.  They are done in oil paints, as is all of my work.  When I got a look at the final results, it gave me inspiration to go up to the studio and paint, not that I lack for incentive.

    New York State Parks

    Pixley Falls Trough Trees

    A small park, halfway between North Western and Booneville, New York, Pixley Falls covers an area of 375 acres.  Visitors have the opportunity to picnic right near the 50 foot waterfall.  There is camping nearby at Lake Delta campgrounds, so Pixley Falls does get in the public eye more than one might think.  It’s a rare day when we go up there without other people being there as well.

    There is a trail for cross country skiing that spans part of the park where my husband and I have skied.  We went there on my insistence last month so I could get a look at the falls in the middle of winter.  While we were there, I shot some photos to work with on two paintings in progress.  I don’t know how he deals with my enthusiasm in these matters!  It went very well that we went when we did, because the weather warmed up beginning the following day.  The water fall was still beautiful I am sure,  but if we hadn’t gone that day, the opportunity to view it in the dead of winter would have been lost.

    If you enjoy my reverse painting on glass of natures beauty, please visit my series of paintings of Watkins Glen too.

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