Psalm 36:6

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    Psalm 36;6

    Psalm 36:6 religious art.  As small dogs go, this little terrier mix is a cutie.  I am not particularly attracted to them, but must admit there are a few who have won my heart.  This one in particular belonged to my late mother-in-law.  She was a down to earth lady who didn’t mince words, and I loved her.  She cared for the dog as she would have a child.  So many of us are guilty of that, if indeed it is a crime.

    I use photographs to do my reverse painting on glass with, so if I should see a crooked tooth, or a tear in an ear from a long forgotten battle, I am probably going to paint it.  These are the details that I believe make each one an individual in their own pet portrait.  Some times I even come close to ‘capturing’ them.

    I begin the painting process with the eyes, or in this case, the reflection of light on the eyes, and proceed to the remaining features.  Only after these are in place can I start painting in the fur of this religious art pet portrait.  To see more of my reverse painting on glass, please go to

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