Purple Flower Blooms

  • Garden Variety Floral Art

    Purple Flower Blooms

    This garden variety floral art piece is painted in an old window sash, measuring 23″ x 28″,  with a varnish finish over the original worn paint.  It was done in such a manner to remind us that beauty can still be found in unlikely places.  These blooming buds may at times be found in the flower bed belonging to a withered old lady, or equally as likely in a lovely park.

    Being very fond of flora and fauna, I have my own flower beds to tend to when the season for it arrives. When I was younger, I was a little carried away with them, and did end up removing some further away from the house.  but life has a way of moving on, and I began working full time. They were just too difficult to get to on a regular basis.  My daughters have made donations to the cause over time, and I always look forward to new additions.  Those that my daughters bring seem to fare better than any I have bought in the past. The purple flower blooms are great, but the ones I am looking forward to this year are the bleeding hearts in a bright red.  Unless there was winter kill, I look forward to three plants.

    One day while baby sitting for a friend, the six year old girl began picking small weeds out of my gardens.  I watched for a few minutes without commenting.  I then asked, “How did you know which ones to pick out?”  She replied “My grandfather taught me which ones are the weeds.”  What a charming young lady, and a wonderful grandpa!

    All of my reverse painting on glass is for sale.

    To see more of my glass painting of  purple blooms and  floral paintings, please visit

    Garden Variety Floral Art

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