Urn of Petunias

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    Urn of Petunias

    This Urn of Petunias is of the gorgeous old cast iron variety.  After my husband  bought it, he had it sand blasted and painted in a body shop.  That was expensive, even more so than purchasing the urn in first place.  This painting holds a bit of sadness for me.  You see, the photograph I was working from for my reverse painting on glass was one that I had shot after coming home from my brother-in-law’s funeral.  It was a rainy day, and life had been better.  But these things pass, and life does get better again.

    My mother always had an old cast iron urn to plant her geraniums in every year.  I plant geraniums now, too, but that was the year I had an urn of petunias.  After several moves in life, my mother’s urn in the garden was a reproduction.  Quite the downgrade for antique dealers after 60 plus years in the business.  I never noticed the urn had been replaced with a new one until the day it had been stolen from her yard.  This was right before a huge antique show.

    I was visibly upset about her urn being stolen, but in her infinite wisdom of over 90 years, she just smiled and said that she hoped they had to move that heavy reproduction a lot of times before it sold .

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