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  • Wizard of Oz

    Wizard of Oz Paintings

    Follow the Yellow Brick Road

    In the Wizard of Oz Paintings I have done in a series, I personally liked those reverse painting on glass that showed the yellow brick road.  There is no explanation for it, just really like the road.

    Even though I pretended to be Dorothy in my blue and white checkered dress as a little girl, the movie terrified me when it came on television every year.  I was the victim of older, sadistic sisters.  They drug me to the living room when it was time for the Wizard of Oz to run.

    As an adult I met a man who could play the lion, the scare crow, and the tin man.  I mean the whole song and dance routine!  The best part of that was, I never learned it until we were about to be married!  He was amazing!  Even with the scare crow’s dancing, that as a child, I always saw as just tripping over himself in a musical kind of Wizard of Oz fashion.

    Viewing the movie in a different light as an adult, I am now able to enjoy it even though I need to remind myself that most of the flying monkeys were actually filmed from children’s’ toys swinging on strings.

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