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  • Robert Lewis Stevenson

    Spiritual Paintings

    Robert Lewis Stevenson


    I could not agree more than I do with this Robert Lewis Stevenson quote.  Think of how overwhelming it would be to be greeted at the pearly gates by any loving pet you ever had!  The point of this Spiritual Painting pet portrait is that dogs have wonderful hearts.  I think if this were my dog though, his name would be ‘Paradox’, or something about that black and white combination.  It would take time to get past the unusual face for me.  This is one of the things I like best about my art of reverse painting on glass, being able to study the face and then trying to portray it.  It seems to be so much easier to convey this feeling in my work, rather than with words.

    The details of this painting that took the most time were the tiny black hairs on the white side of the face, and the white hairs on the black side.  I believe this type of coloration in Spiritual Painting is found in Great Danes, though am open to suggestion.

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